Thursday, October 05, 2006

Much better now

Wow, I had a couple of yucky days! Just what I needed right now. It was two wasted days, as far as getting anything done goes, but... I dont have Intense tooth pain anymore so that's good! I spent some time at the dentist again yesterday morning , and hopefully I'm good to go, until I get back from Vegas, then I have a root canal to look for ward too. OH JOY!
Ever try pacing the floor all night with a tooth ache, on a broken toe? Ok, enough on that subject

The other thing that was a bummer , is that "Scrapbook Answers Mag" announced to the Design Team yesterday, that they will be closing down. We were all so shocked ,and very sad. The magazine seemed to be doing so well. Feeling so bad for all the girls that lost thier jobs, they were all fantastic to work with.

The project I posted is done with Crafty Secrets new papers. The little kiddos are Dan and his sister Kathy, when they were young. THe frame was altered with the vintage images and papers.
The crowns and hats are the ones that I designed for the new paper pads, when I was in Canada working with them on the papers.

Thanks for the birthday cards and wishes. Got cards from all my sisters and my ma ma today.
I have Wes's Cards, and plan to take them with me to his house when we go on Saturday, along with the "Gramma jelly " she sent with me yesterday when I stopped over. We will Celebrate both our birthday then, since I'll be in Vegas on Tuesday (Wes's Birthday). We havent seen his new place yet , so I'm making food to take for the day. Sure hope Jarad gets this Sat off. He should know tonight. I dont know how many of Wes's roomates and friends will be around so , I'll make plenty. Looking forward to making my boy a cake too!
(why do moms like to do stuff like that?) LOL


Nat said...

Oh no - you had birthday??? I didn*t know that! Happy belated birthday!

Jami said...

Happy Birthday Vicki!!! I hope you have a GREAT day. Wes and I have the same birthday, how cool is that. Tell him happy birthday from me. Love ya!!! Jami

Pattyjo said...

The pictures are wonderful I hope your special day was just that!