Sunday, October 22, 2006

oh...the history

This post and the one below go together, I was just having problems uploading.
These two amazing murals are on the front of the Post Office in Snyder Nebraska. For a small small town, there are some amazing buildings, I'll say that much!

Can you imagine what some of these places looked like , in their day? WOW! I just kills me to see gorgeous building abondon and falling apart. I love to see people taking a interest in them and keeping them up. Some really gorgeous buildings here...just on main street.

I could see ALL these building,just standing at one end of main street.
There were literally no more than 3 cars parked on main street, and I only saw two people(and I think they were coming out of a bar). I just waiting for the day that someone call the cops on me.... wondering what the heck I'm doing taking pictures in some of the wierd places I go, to get a good shot.
(You can bet there will be photos of that little adventure , here on the blog!) ha

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Pattyjo said...

I'm surprised the building are grabbed up for resturants or galleries.