Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Poor deprived pups

Isnt it sad that my poor little pups have nothing to play with? LOL These dogs have more toys than some kids have. It's ridiculous! They love stuffed animals! They have their own basket for them...if I could just teach them to put them away! I had to laugh... when Wes comes home, he says...geeezzzz it looks like little kids live here. (more like a day care!) LOL

Under the table is Aly's safe house. She is so meek and mild ,but Molly(miss agressive) Will NOT go under that table when Aly's under there. I have to think Little miss "Meek and Mild" set her straight one time or another. LOL
We go through alot of stuffed animals around here, so all I can say is Thank God for the $ store!!

Speeking of which , that was one of the places I stopped today. I ran errons and got groceries this afternoon. This morning Deb came out for a bit. She hadnt seen the new furniture and paint yet. Neither has MOM, so I called her to see what days she has open , so I could bring her out for dinner. She has a busy little life, I'll tell you that much. We decided we would shoot for the begining of next week.

Yesterday I got a card and CD from Ronda( my sister Donna's daughter... my little nice who's two months younger than me!) and Tate(her son), with some really cute pictures on it. I cant wait to scrap them. Some cool pics of Chase (her son) at graduation and Tate on his Quad. Thanks Rhonda!!!
Oh and while I'm thinking of it... Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRYCE!!!!!!
Your old Aunt Vic is falling behind!
I finally got around to getting the pictures developed of the Air show. I promised Nathaniel(another sweet little nephew) that I would get them developed and send them to him. THEY'RE COMING NATHANIEL I promise!!!

I have some fun and exciting news I heard today... but I promised my sister I would let her tell!
I'll give her untill tomorrow ...then I'm TALKING!!! LOL
( hint.... NO ONE is getting married and NO ONE is having a baby) It's something fun that will happen next Monday! (and it's not the root canal , I have to have that morning)

Tune in tomorrow! tee hee hows that for keeping you hanging? LOL


Nat said...

You are a teaser - LOL!

Pattyjo said...

Your dogs are so cute!