Friday, November 24, 2006

A Fun day with the Family

This picture of the Jayvier and Griffin, sitting in the chair together reading, just cracks me up. In the first place, they are "reading" guidpost from the Senior Center magazine rack, and the other thing is , Jayvier is "reading" his , so intently, and is UPSIDE DOWN! LOL Don't they look like they are having a serious descussion about what they've each just read? LOL

I have so many photo from yesterday, I wanted to share, I had to do it in two different blog posts, so be sure to look at the one below. I just wish so much that my sisters and family that live far away could be with us... I feel like I want to share tons of photos with them, so they feel like they were there. So those of you would check out my crazy blog, who arent family, sorry...but you will have to tolerate the over abundance of family photos during the holidays. LOL
My guys are at the table above... enjoying all the good food. And trust me , there was ALOT of it!
Kirstin and Nathaniel( sister Donna's Grandson), really hit it off. Nathaniel sure loves the little ones, and he is so good with them. Kirstin, is the best natured baby I have ever seen. I have never hear her her cry. What a happy happy, and CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!

Griffin (brother Dan's grandson),was enjoying the good food also. It was really good to see Christopher(brother Rays son). Seems like it had been a while since we had seen him. I didnt think he and Ray ever looked that much alike ,but after seeing this photo of the two of them sitting side by side, I sure see it now!

Neely's boyfriend Allen, must have been telling a good story at the table, because everyone, is sure taking it in. He is hilarious! What a sense of humor!

Virginia cooked the turkey this year. I've been so busy this week, with just getting back, it was so nice that she offered to do it. It was yummy~! Keith is the master turkey carver.

Look how much sweet little Kirstin,(brother Dans's Granddaughter) has grown. She's going to be walking before long.

Neely brought her laptop, so we looked at photos from the Tilly's tour and from the Letterman show. It was so fun to see. The photo of the magazine above is one of the new ones out, that I hadnt see yet. Neely is the one on the far left in the magazine .

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