Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Home again , home again

jiggity jig.... LOL

It was a quick trip, but we got a lot done. Sandy and her family were just the perfect hosts, as usual. They have three beautiful daughters. The one in this photo is Chelsea. I keep telling them I'm bringing her home with me... What a sweet girl. I have to tell you what she did. She new I didn't have any Diet Mt Dew.(and knows I can't survive without it), so she went out , without being asked and bought me this! It's like Diet Dew, but with even more caffeine...LOL I had never seen it before.. It's called" DEW FUEL" Is that a hoot , or what? I hope I can find it here, it was really good! THANKS CHELSEA!!!!
I hope Sandy doesn't read this, she is so good about eating well, and being health contious... She keeps telling me , I need to cut back on the "green stuff"!
She had me drinking "Real"Cranberry juice with flax seed.
It really was pretty good, but nothing,NOTHING , can take the place of the GREEN STUFF! LOL

I didn't take many photos while I was there, simply because it was quite cloudy and rainy ,and we spent most of our time inside working, since it was a quick trip. We did hit the "dollarama".. And I'm telling you, that place was the $ store of all $ stores!!! I LOVE a good deal, and this place was so fun. I got so many great deals for classes! I got canvas's ,and shadow boxes that are going to make great class projects. Needless to say, my suitcase was full, coming back. The photo of the bridge was taken on the way to the airport in Vancouver.

It was cloudy and raining when I came in , and the same when I left, but Saturday was sunny and nice. These were just some photos I took from the airplane window. Leaving Vancouver and coming into Denver.
The sky was just gorgeous coming into Denver.

I'm not even going to go into the flight experience from Denver to Vancouver, because It will just make my bloodpressure go up! Grrrr.... 3 gate changes, to plane changes,because of tire problems, waiting, waiting , waiting , and last but not least... Lost luggage. Finally they found my luggage, and I was on my way 4 hours later.
The rest of the flights were fine...It was just that last leg of the trip. Always, feels good to get home , and back into the routine.
I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here! Tomorrow I need to hit the store, and do some house work!!!
Looking forward to seeing the family on Thursday! It's always a good time .

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Pattyjo said...

Those are great pictures from the plane! We are going to Alaska to visit our kids in a few months, your photos make me want to go now. LOL