Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's tradition

Some things are just tradition. I'm having a hard time thinking about dragging out all the Christmas decorations, and when I do , I'm keeping it to a minimum, but the silly stockings always go up, no matter what. At the old house they use to hang on the banister, but here, I have to get a little more creative ,since there is no open stairway.
Weston's first Christmas 24 years ago, my sweet sister Jan, sewed the first stocking for him. I then embroidered his name on it. A few years later when Jarad was born (Dec 2), I was determined to find him a stocking just like Wes's. Well , leave it to Jan, she found one and sewed to together for him. I can still remember sitting in the rocker at the old house with him in the craddle right next to me , the second day he was home .. embroidering his name on that stocking, so it would be ready to hang next to Wes's on the banister. This Saturday will be December 2nd, and my baby will turn 21 YEARS OLD!! Where does the time go?

Well, Aly and Molly had to have different stockings, but they have stockings, none the less! LOL
I think it would be too sad for me not to put those stockings up , after putting them up every year for the last 24 years, so I guess someday, when I have daughter in laws and gradchildren, there will just be LOTS of stockings hanging on the wall! LOL

Update on Molly*
We found out to day that Molly does have thyroid problems, and will be on meds from this point on, but we are so glad to know what the problem was and what to do about it. ( and thank goodness the meds arent crazy expensive).
After reading up on it, we can look back now and see that she had every symptom. Two days ago , I didnt even know that dogs could have thyroid problems. Live and Learn. Anyway, they say the meds really show improvment quickly, so we are thankful for that.

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Pattyjo said...

Your sisters stocking are just tooo cute!