Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesdays Turkey Day

Yep... Tuesday's Turkey day! LOL Well, here's the story, ...we LOVE turkey, so usually sometime during Thanksgiving week I cook one just for us. We have Turkey with the (big) family, on Thanksgiving,but this way we have left overs for sandwiches ect. So... today, the house smells like thanksgiving. What is it , that is so Comforting about that? It makes me want to take a nap. The smell of a Turkey cooking reminds me of Thanksgiving at home (at mom and dads), when we were all home, kids, running everywhere, everyone congregating in the kitchen, the windows all steamed over from the warmth inside and the cold outside, mom, in the kitchen with her apron on , mashing potatoes. Then finally everyone gathered at the long tables downstairs, that are filled with homemade food, Dad at the head of the table , and Gary saying the blessing. Sweet memories...... all that from cooking a turkey.

This is the felt project I was talking about , that I was working on. It's still cloudy and gloomy here, but decided to take the photo anyway. I cut the flowers by hand and then blanket stitched the edges. It has been so long since I have done an embroidery, I forgot how much I enjoyed doing it. I worked on this the other night when I was watching a movie with the guys. (I cant just sit and watch a movie... I'll fall asleep LOL)
I stuffed the flowers a bit with polyfill, and then stuck them on dowels. The dowels are just held in the clay pot with some clay. All the Felt is from
Lara's Crafts . Yes... they have more than wood! LOL Wow, I'm feeling like wonder woman today... not only did a manage to cook a turkey..but I gave Miss Molly a bath. ( The turkey was the easy part). The vet gave us this special shampoo to bathe her with . Great... sure...not problem...except that she will do ANYTHING to avoid a bath,and she weighs 70 lbs! Just to add to that , this "special" shampoo, needs to be left on for 15 minutes!!!!! YEAH RIGHT! Lets just say ...it was interesting! I don't think, we made it 15 minutes, but we made it as long as I could keep her in!
It's not like, just giving her a bath is all there is too it... Then comes scrubbing the entire bathroom, from top to bottom........ ... Hit the shower myself.... And then wash the wet towels and my clothes! Whew! Maybe , that's why I wanted a nap, not because of the smell of the turkey? LOL
Off to dinner. ... How does a hot turkey sandwich sound?


Nat said...

WWWWWooooow- those felt flowers are soooo awesome! Totally love them, Vicki!

Pattyjo said...

The flowers and the pot are so beautiful! such works of art!