Thursday, November 09, 2006


I seriously could NOT stop taking pictures of these two!!! Oh... How stink'n cute is this!!!
The weekend was so busy , I had forgotten I hadn't posted these yet. I took them over at Paula and Rons on Friday. I had to make a quick run over there late in the afternoon to pick up some things Paula helped me out with for one of our classes. This is their new puppy! They live on a farm/acreage, so they have a number of cats ...but this pup has taken a liking to this particular one.

I just cant get enough of these two. I love looking at these pictures!

I'm working like a fool, catching up on things, now that the classes are over. No matter what... I'm outta here come Friday.... off to see the "Tilly's" in TX. I cant wait!

I'm keeping it short tonight, because it's late, and I should be in bed.... Because.. I'm still trying to be better about that! ( how long have I been saying that?) Really, I'm going to start getting to bed earlier!!!!


Nat said...

Oh my goodness -I can't stop starring at those pictures!!!

Pattyjo said...

That is tooo cute! I thought dogs and cats were suppose to hate each other. Someone forgot to tell these two! LOL