Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Baby it's cold outside

so Aly's wearing her parka! LOL She looks thrilled huh?

I'm getting my blogging schedule all out of wack this past week. I usually do my blog at night, but I've been so wrapped up working on AccuCut projects, until late, I'm so tired, I just go to bed. Trying to catch up in the mornings..today it's the afternoon!
About the time I think I should just give up on the blog, I get a email from someone saying , they read this or that, on the blog. It makes me feel good that people take time out of their busy day, to read my silly ramblings. Hey , but every once in a while you get a treat , like a picture of a elephant going down the hyway, or my dog in a parka, right? LOL

Jarad took his laptop with him so he has been emailing since he's been in KC. Last night, he said the hotel was really nice, and that they had been out on the town. He said the (elders) LOL were tired and went back to the hotel to go to bed. He was bored so, he said he walked over to "Old Chicago" and had a beer. (oh geezzz, it's like he just had to remind me , he's 21 again!). Anyway, he said he met some really nice people from New Zealand,and talked with them for the longest time. (hmmm... I'm thinking maybe he had more than 1 beer then, how about you?) LOL Anyway, it's sounds like he was having a good time. The only things is ,he is a night owl, and really used to working nights and sleeping days,(except for when he has class). Now it has to get up at 5:30 am , and he said that was a bit of a struggle. I BET IT WAS! Knowing how hard it is for him to get up at noon normally.

Wes was home Sunday night and Monday. I swear, that guy has his days and night mixed up too. He works evenings for the most part, so he's used to the night life also. He did do his laundry while he was here, and helped me design new business cards. You can tell he's a bachelor , living with other single guys, because he comes in and says, "it smells so good in here", "look at all this food in the refrigerator", and on and on. I think he enjoys being at home, playing with the dogs, eating and for sure Sleeping!!! He just could not get up yesterday. It was cold and cloudy, really quiet around here, the dryer was running, the tree was lit and I had a big roast in the oven. He came down from upstairs finally, (with a blanket), next thing I knew, he was asleep in the big overstuffed chair! I laughed at him and said, "I thought you were getting up?" I went up stairs and when I came back down, he was on the FLOOR with the blanket and pillow! OH Brother! I said, "Wes, are you going to sleep all day?", he said, " Are you putting Seditives in the food or what?". LOL
I love to sleep to , but just don't get to that much anymore. I defiantly think, my boys, get their sleeping issues from their mother! LOL
I'm pretty proud of myself for getting a big chunk of my Christmas cards mailed out yesterday. I didn't do a letter this year, since I'm sure everyone gets enough (maybe too much) LOL info reading this.

I'm excited because Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage has a gallery now, where people can go to post their projects! I cant wait to see what everyone comes up with , as they will have a Design Team soon, and I am excited to head it for them. There are so many super talented people out there that are so inspiring. I uploaded a few things I have done to the gallery today.
Here is the link Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage gallery

I'm hoping my sisters are feeling better . Donna has been having terrible back pain. I talked with her this weekend, and gave here, the "better slow down" lecture. But if you know Donna ,she is a power pack of energy and is always full speed ahead. I hope these back problem get much better soon!
Jan had the flu when I talked with her over the weekend. YUCK! Hope she's feeling better!
Sharon... stay healthy!

Well, better get myself back to work! Hugs to you all! Vic

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Pattyjo said...

Your dog looks so adorable! They are so lucky to have you on there design team...your the best!