Friday, December 08, 2006


It Friday... and I wish I was at "Matzahlan" having a yummy margaritia with Jan and Keith. LOL I'm not much of a drinking , but that place has killer margaritia's. Jan and Keith sometimes hit Matzahlan on Friday nights for dinner and a margaritia,(one is me!) Now it's a running joke, between us. I called Jan earlier and told her, I was at Matzalhan waiting , where were they? LOL So tonight I check my cell messages and there is one from Keith saying, "We're at Matzalhan, and we dont see you?" (ending with maniacal laughing) Those stinkers!!!

I have been working on lots of projects for Accucut, and wish I could share them, but they are still under wraps, because they are dont with the new CHA die releases. I will tell you this much ...YUM!!!

I had lunch at my friend Becky's today, and caught up a bit with her. She was getting ready to send off some projects she finished for a fun new project from Foofala/Autumn Leaves. Oh... Gorgeous stuff! And her house...well, lets just say , I have thought about it constantly since I left. Her holiday decor was just so unbelivably beautiful... I could have sat there and looked at it all day! I took a couple of photos up they didnt turn out that check out her blog to see her beautiful decor. Her blog header is gorgeous enough... but if you scroll down a bit , you can see the rest.
Bec's birthday was this week, so I altered this little wooden box and filled it with goodies. She is like me when it comes to vintage lace and ribbon, so I think it was somthing she really enjoyed. I dont know what I'm ever going to do with all the vintage lace and ribbon I have, but I just picked up some more... and I LOVE it. I had a few printers blocks and then just found some more locally.

That was the good part of the day. I had to get on with my day, and not dewl on the sad email I got first thing this morning. The email was from my brother Ray, telling us that they could not find a hearbeat when Amy(neice) went for her altrasound yesterday. I know today had to be a really rough day for Amy , John and Hunter, and I just felt so sad for them. I had them on my mind so much today. Please keep them in your prayers.


Nat said...

ahhh- love this - can I be your friend too - LOL! Hugs Sweetie - great to see you are doing some fun stuff during this really hectic time!

Pattyjo said...

Her house is beautiful! It looks like it should be featured in home and garden. She probably loves yours too. With all your talent she has too!