Sunday, December 31, 2006

Inspiration abounds

Don't you just love it , when you see something that just inspires you? Well, saw this hat box set at Bayberry Cove and it got me thinking. (really late last night!) Seems that for some reason, ideas come to me when I'm up late, I don't know why. LOL
Anyway, as you can see , those hats are Big, but I decided to put a spin on my ribbon spool album idea, and make it into a hat.
The new Craft Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Papers were perfect for this project. The only problem was , there were so many that would have looked so great on this, I had a hard time choosing! (oh the dilemmas!) LOL

I just used a deeper spool center, a bigger bottom and smaller top.
All of the photos are of my brother-in-law Rons, family. His Grandmother, Mother and Aunt.

It was a fun project... I cant wait to make another one with different
papers and photos of my Mom, Grandma and sisters.
I was thinking , you could always leave the hat empty and fill it
with goodies for party favors. Mints, for a shower ect...

We are home bound today, snow and ice. I just talked with my family, and we have to re-schedual Moms Birthday party to Next weekend. After talking with Ray(brother) and Jan (sister), and finding out what the weather is like in York and Lincoln,...there is NO way and of them from Lincoln or York could make it. They had an inch of ice first ,and then almost a foot of snow. It is certainly not worth risking lives. We have rescheduled for next Saturday.
Well, if nothing else...My house is clean. LOL

Well... Happy New Year Everyone!!!!


janel said...

Goodness...I am loving this project. This is wonderful.....You have the greatest ideas. Love it...thanks again for the inspiration! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

Vic - it's totally adorable! Love love it. Happy New Year!

Pattyjo said...

It must be so wonderful to be a member of your family and get your awesome gifts. This is fantastic!!!