Sunday, December 24, 2006

Let the Festivities begin

That a wonderful evening we had a the Novaceks last night!
Tom and
Becky were just the perfect host and hostess, and everything was BEAUTIFUL , as you could imagine with Becky in charge. The appitizers were exquisit! yum! She is such a detail person... every little thing pretty!

Here are a few shots of the evening , and Miss Bec's beautiful home decorated for the holidays. I know I just keep going on about how beautifully she has their home decorated for the holidays, but trust is just GORGEOUS!
So homey and welcoming!

The photo below is Deb, Becky, Ruth and I.
This is Becky's sweet, Ma ma Peg , sister Sherri and daughter Brooke. It was SO good to get to see them.

I I was so excited to meet this person! When I was doing my RAK , One of the people who threw their name in the hat was KATHY. It was so fun, because when I got the email from her, she said something like , "you dont know me, I just stalk your blog,... I'm a friend of Becky's". LOL I did recognize her name, from hearing Bec mention it, over the years....but it was just so cute! Her and I joked about being old it seems she felt like she knew alot about me. AHH.... the glory of blogs! LOL See what I mean?.. I fought this blog thing..., and once again, it had a positive effect on my life. I met a wonderful person and have a new friend! HI KATHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Tom and Becky have wonderful friends, and it was so fun to get to meet and mingle with them last night. You would think with it being this close to Christmas, people would be stressing and in a hurry , hurry mode,... but the idea Becky had of having a relaxing evening of socializing, was obviously just what everyone needed. There was no stess to be seen! A wonderful evening had by all!

It's had to believe that it's Christmas Eve Already...but I'm looking SO forward to being with the family tonight.

The boys are both home ,and that always makes this ma ma happy!

I hope whatever you all have planned for the next couple of days makes your Holiday time Special! Have safe travels , if you are on the road, and enjoy your time with those you love!

To my family that live too far away to be here ...I LOVE YOU ALL, and wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We will be thinking of you!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Ruth said...

Vic, it was so good to see you at Becky's last night if only for a short time. I wish Jan could have been there. Here's wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Sweetie!

becky said...

thanks vic!!! we loved having you and dan here! sounds like you had a wonderful holiday!

Pattyjo said...

Wow! Her house is decorated so awesome! It looks like what you would see in a magazine!