Monday, December 25, 2006


I have so many photos from Christmas Day and Christmas Eve , that I want to share with my family, I'm going to have to do it in a couple of different posts. When there is so many in a family , you just have lots of pics to share...what can I say. LOL

You're probably wondering what everyone is finding so interesting on the computer screen. Well Neely pulled up this program that would distort your face in different way, and it was hystarical! The kids were having a ball, and laughing there head off. The adults were standing behind and they were getting quite a kick out of it too.

It was so fun to see them all laughing and having such a great time together!
Nathaniel, Lynsay, Mathew, and Sean. (That's Wes trying to get his face in , in the back) LOL
I love this picture of Brent and Wes.

Late last night , after we got home ,for the "Big"family Chirstmas, we opened our gifts here.... So it was REALLY late, and we had plans to go into moms in the morning. Not much sleep... and LOTs of good food.... and little sleep dont work well together. I yawned atleast a hundred times today. It took everything I had , not to come home for a nap! LOL
We had lunch at moms today, (Christmas Day) . It was so nice to get to sit down and vistit with her, with the Boys both home. They think the world of their Grandma , that's for sure!
We spent the afternoon at moms, then the guys had plans to go to the cabin and ride the 4 wheelers.

I was invited over to Schurcamps for dinner. (yes more food!) It was really nice to get to see all of the Harris Family. Prime Rib...fixed by Jim and all of the wonderful fixing...topped off with Crème brûlée , thanks to Penny! I had such a great time with them...what fun people!

Now , that is one HUGE chunk of meat, huh? Penny and Jim, worked to gether in the kitchen to make this fantastic meal for everyone! Thanks Guys!

Penny set a beautiful table! It was so nice and relaxing.

Now I'm home, in my comfy jammies and ready for a good nights sleep! Whew... I feel like I've been constantly FULL for the last 24 hours! LOL

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Pattyjo said...

That is a nice picture of your mom and your sons.