Friday, December 29, 2006

Neely's moving day

Check out the girls new pad!LOL We helped get Neely( neice) moved into her new apt today. It is such a cool place. She had the top floor , right up there where those cool windows are! The inside of this place is just absolutly gorgeous,and you would not believe the HUGE closets. OH, the closets alone... have the girl, just thrilled! LOL
The window and the woodwork, were are so cool! I wish I could have gotten better shots, but it was a GLOOMY day. Misty and rainy off and on, but for almost January... Really good weather!
Neely was so sweet ,and thanked us dozens of times for the help. ( I reminded her, that she helped us move too) Her friend Rob helped us this morning before he had to go to work. Neely's boyfriend had gone home for the holidays, so Keith and Dan did all the big stuff,and us girls ran up and down the stair a couple billion times! LOL

It's just a CUTE place ,and she is going to have so much fun, setting up her place. The closets and storage is just insane... I've never seen anything like it. The picture above is entering the kitchen and the one with the windows looking onto the trees, is the windows you see at the top in the middle of the outside of the house shot. (the living room)
Blow is ust one of the closets. The picture I took of her clothes closet didnt turn out, but could literally be a bedroom, and has three built in wardrobes in it, and a window!!!

Jan, Keith and Neely , took us to lunch at "Upstream", so we sat and chatted a bit , to recharge for the last loads. The food was yummy, and the conversation, as aways... great!

Also wanted to say
Congradulations to the 2007 Fancy Pants Designs Design Team....
just announced!

I cant wait to see what everyone does with the the awesome FPD product, and to get to know everyone better!

Vicki Chrisman
Heather D. White
Jeri Hoag
Lisa Garay
Greta Hammond
Cari Fennell
Michelle Clement
Amber Tosh
Holly Pittroff
Cindy Tobey
Dena Coe
Amy Peterman
Emeline Seet-Ng
Beshka Kueser
Shirley Chai


janel said...

Wow...I came over to say "congratulations" to exciting, and what a great group of talented women....have fun with that great product! You will be perfect!

Now....that house is so wonderful. Love the feel from the photos..the nooks and crannies...and the way she has it organized.....looks cozy and warm..what an exciting time in her life.
Thanks for sharing..and for the great news!
Have a wonderful day!

Pattyjo said...

Wow! Thats a mansion! She will love living there, its beautiful!