Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No snow yet

Remember , if you want your name in for my RAK gift.... I'm drawing on Friday!
post here or email me ..saying you'd like your name in! It's the season of giving, and I have a little stash of goodies , I'm dying to give! LOL

Moms cataract surgery went well today. Man, they get them in and out of there in a flash! Mom and I were laughing because , then they started getting the gown out for her to get ready, she started to take her shoes off ,and the nurse said .. "oh no, just leave your shoes on..that's fine" WHAT??? LOL All she had to do was take her blouse off and put the gown on. She could leave her slacks, socks, shoes ect... all on. they just put the little booties, right over her shoes!! LOL Man oh Man! Mom laughed, when I said , "This is gonna be a Drive through procedure , pretty soon" LOL
The weather is cruddy here! Just cold and rainy right now, but I'm sure it's going to freeze over night. Snow? dont know yet. Anyway, mom as to check in with the Doctor in the morning early, so (brother) Dan will take her, since he is there in town. I talked to Lori tonight and she said , she was off also, so that was not a problem. Mom, has suggested that, since she said had was on vacation, and she was concerned about the weather.

Here are a few new Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage projects , done with some of the new papers. OH... I AM LOVING that fact that they have papers now! The frame at the top is one I found a the $ store and then just altered. The people in the picture are my neice Amy , her husband John and son Hunter. I really into Diamond Glaze for some reason. I used it on the little bird stickers (Crafty Secrets Family stickers) , and also on the flowers on the card below.

Arent the little kids in on the "get well " image, just CUTE!!!

I love them!

Crafty Secrets Images all have the most darling faces... I've always said that, from the first ones I saw, even before I started working for them. Sandy picks darling images.

I hope the weather holds out , long enough for me to get to the store sometime tomorrow, so I can START my baking. Yes I said "START" yikes!


janel said...

I am sending the snow your way...should get to Iowa by tomorrow night, so make sure you have all the "goodies" in the house! Happy to hear that the surgery went well. You are one productive woman....!! Love it!

me :) said...

Hey girl! Came over from the Muse and I'm always up fo a RAK lottery! Merry Christmas!!

me :) said...

Hey girl! Came over from the Muse and I'm always up fo a RAK lottery! Merry Christmas!! (It's your "Yankee" DT friend ;) )

Creative Creations said...

Hi there - I wouldn't mind if you throw my name in that RAK-hat as well :) No snow - I'm with you on this ... over here we're still waiting for snow as well - so far not a single flurry :(

Anonymous said...

Your projects ALWAYS make my jow drop - that frame is BEAUTIFUL!

Pattyjo said...

I know I keep repeating myself...but those are just beautiful...beautiful...beautiful!