Wednesday, December 06, 2006


After finishing my other projects, I decided I should get the class samples wrapped up for the January Classes in Lincoln. Well, One thing led to another when I was in the class supply closet,(which was getting OUT OF CONTROL) yikes! So... I tore into it ,and feel SO much better about, knowing what's in there, and where it is. What a job! Sometimes, I think I have issues with staying on track! LOL Just call me the "Wanderer". LOL It's been a late night,but I finally DID get the last class sample finished. I'll post a pic tomorrow, when I have light.

I finally have a working dryer!!! The heating element that we paid to have here in two days... took FOUR! I have a pet peeve about laundry! I want it done! I'm not into letting it pile up...if there's a load (which there is DAILY), I do it. I am SO THANKFUL for my dryer!!!

Tomorrow is Dan's Birthday. He starts vacation after that will be a nice Birthday present huh? He always has to take his vacation during the slow time , at work.. which is now!
Thanks Sweet sisters of mine for the cards you send jarad and Dan this month! You are so darn thoughtful!!!

It's late,and I need to get to bed. I've had a sinus headache off and on all day today. Crazy weather! Goodnight! Vic

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Pattyjo said...

Your craft closet looks awesome! Its so much neater than my space. Although I did get it all organized yesterday and feel pretty good about that.