Monday, December 18, 2006

Way to go Catherine!!

I am just so excited I had to post this and say... Congratulations Cat!!! I got this in the mail to day, and all I will I was blown away! This is my dear friend Cats new book! All hers!!!
I can not wait to sit down and check it out cover to cover. Just looking through it in the little time I had ........OH MY! This girl does AMAZING work! I'm talking Jaw dropping stuff! This girl can stitch on paper, like a crazy woman. If your interested you can get her book at

Catherine Matthews-Scanlon

Not only did a get the book ,but I'm honored to have one of the projects out of the book!
Check this out!

What an absolutly COOL thing to get in the mail today! It MADE MY DAY!!! Thankyou Cat!!!!


janel said...

Oh, this looks great. I will definitely check it out on Amazon...and I have to head to Borders in a bit..and will ask there...

Thanks so much for sharing! Looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Vic - and for posting about it here! You rock sistah!

Anonymous said...

Hey Vicki I just got her book in the mail today also and it is amazing. I can't wait to sit down and really, I mean really look at it.

Pattyjo said...

OK I will need to check this book out! I love making cards and sewing is a love too. Combining them is perfect! Thanks for the information