Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A bit non productive

Sometimes things just dont go as planned , and today was defiatly one of those days. I had plans to get so much done and was looking so forward to working with my new stamps. The door and the phone kept me hopping this morning until a headache took over the afternoon. I finally had to just go lay down for a bit with my handy dandy rice sock, and it's better now.. not gone ,but better. Oh well, no point dewling on it.. tomorrows a new day. (and hopefully a productive one!)

I was hoping to have some fun new stamp samples to show you,but instead I'll share with you something else I found a while back that I think is a cool storage solution. (and a bargain too!)
Actually , the first thing, Jan (sister) found and told me about. They have them at Walgreens. They come with three(one of each size) in a flat clear plastic zipper bag, for $5. They are totally colapsable. You just pop them together and drop the hard canvas covered bottom in. I love them! They come in different colors. I got some for my scrap room also , but I loved the chocolate brown color of these , and it matched my main floor colors so well! We always have things sitting downstairs that need to go up, and it drives me nuts, so I put these baskets there, so we can acutally use them. Sure cant beat them for $5.

This is the other thing I found that I love. I found this at the Dollar store for $5. it's a Revolving Spice Rack.I just took the little shaker things off . I have lots of containers for all my embellishments in my Scraproom, but I love to have this one, with the "most used" stuff , to keep right on my desk. Actually it would work for lots of things. I picked one up for my mom , just to keep this and that in. Anyway... just wanted to share.

Here's to a productive day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Those are awesome storage ideas!

janel said...

Oh...Walgreens is on my list glad I checked your blog first..and guess what is right next door to Walgreens......Dollar Store...crossing my fingers I might be as lucky!
Hope your headache goes away!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wish we had Walgreens around here! that looks like great storage.... love 'em.

Anonymous said...

AHHH! I got those brown ones too at Walgreens!! LOL:) Great minds think alike!

Pattyjo said...

I love what you did with the rack. Your so creative and talented! Anyone else would just see a spice type rack, you made it so useful and pretty at the same time! Awesome!