Saturday, January 13, 2007

Could I have some COLOR PLEASE?

Talk about a dreary day!!! Blahhhh.... I love having my work room on the second floor because of the beauiful view I have of the countryside...but right now... it is nothing but BROWN and GRAY! I guess I should be thankful, ..atleast I get to be inside. This little guy kept sitting on a branch outside my window , looking like he wanted to come in. (oh , Aly and Molly would love to play!) LOL

He's a cubby little guy, isn't he? LOL
It's hard to feel much inspiration looking out the window at the gloom...... so I was thankful today for the beautiful colors I found right here in my room!

For some reason, I have a feeling there might be quite a few more days like this.... ( it's January in Nebraska!!)

I have been working in my room all day today, but got alot done. I'm almost finished with my big project.. so that feels good!

Wes and three of his friends were in Lincoln for a concert last night,and came this far , and spent the night. It's always nice to have the kids still want to bring their friends home. I enjoy it. One of them had to be at work by noon, so they slept in a bit, had a bite to eat and headed out.

Jarad was just standing my my door way talking shop.. and WHEW... right over my head! he is changing out his engine in his Explorer. I have no idea what he was rambling about! I just nod my head and say,"uh huh"! LOL Now I know how the guys feel when I talk scrapbooking! LOL


janel said...

Oh, your little squirrel must have been peeking inside thinking about spring..with all those beautiful colors....if you need some more "white" there is more than enough here in CO. to share...I will gladly blow some your way. :)
Can't wait to see your new projects...keep will be a treat I am sure!

Anonymous said...

what a cute squirrel!

Pattyjo said...

No...Scrapbooking and stamping are WAY more interesting to talk about!
The color mixtures you have in your room are so beautiful and bright.