Thursday, January 18, 2007

Creative block

Why is it that when I need creativity the most .... NOTHING! Maybe I'm just tapped out or somthing, I'm not sure..but it sure isnt coming to me easily the last couple of days. Did I add , that this is NOT a good time for this to happening? Please send creative vibes in care of Vicki Chrisman!!! ASAP!!! LOL

As I was sitting here at my desk.. drying to force something to happen this afternoon, Wes called ,and asked if I wanted to ride along with him to Lincoln. He is a groomsman in a Wedding this weekend, and has rehersal in Lincoln tonight. It was at a Church really close to Jans (sister), so he thought I might want to spend some time with her while he was at the rehersal. Well, at first, I said, "oh, there is no way, sorry, I just have way too much to do ... I'm so far behind...blah..blah...blah... " After I hung up the phone I started to feel so bad, thinking how rare it is that one of the boys calls and asks me to ride with them somewhere, and seldom we spend time , one on one anymore. I called him back, put away what I was doing and gave Jan a call. I figured I wasnt getting much done here anyway, maybe getting out for a while will help?

The rehersal and dinner gave Jan and I just enough time to hit a couple of stores and grab a bite to eat. It was good to see her ,and the drive was nice. Wes and I both love music, so we constantly try to beat eachother out at, name the song or name the artist. He know's his music so , Over all he's the best .. but when it comes to the 70's .. I win, hands down! LOL

Now lets hope my little outing helps me to feel refreshed and inspired for tomorrow!

Today my little flickercards came, so I took a quick photo of them to share with you. The lighting is poor because it's late, but they really turned our well. You can choose as many photos as you like and they just repeat an equal number of each image. I just chose four this time. The photo has a almost canvas looking finish. kinda cool!

It's the end of the week! Enjoy! Remember... send creative vibes THIS way!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie - I'm sure that going out was a good thing and refreshed you!!!

Anonymous said...

Sending some creative juju your way - but only if you send some to me...LOL.

What are the size of those cards - love 'em...

janel said...

What a great mom you are to have the wisdom to go on your "road trip"! Nothing can ever replace that time. I don't know how you do it all....sending you lots of energy to re-charge your battery. Love the flickr cards....I have been wanting to order some, and just can make the decision as to what "theme" I want to make.
Have a wonderful day/weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Vicki how wonderful to spend time on a road trip and how fun. I bet he enjoyed it as much as you did. I am no help with the creative juices but I am sure they just took the day off and will be back before you know it. {{{HUGS}}}

Pattyjo said...

Its good to get away sometimes. You are working so hard all the time that you are going to experience dry spells occassionally. I think it was a great opportunity to see your son. Good choice! Your cards are really pretty! You must not have been on a dry spell to long. LOL