Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I should know better

I was going to be SO productive today! yeah right! I should have know better than to ever start looking in this box! I'm such a sucker for old photos. My mom has this old box of photos of my Gram's that she keeps at her house, but the last time everyone was here(the day of moms party), we brought them out, so we could go through them. I thought it would be a good idea to have mom tell us who's who on the ones we didnt know, so that we could write it on the backs. Well, we ended up getting busy and didnt get to it. I knew I wouldnt have time to sit down and go through them with her until after CHA so we just put them in the front closet here until I get that over with. Well today, I opened that closet and saw that box sitting there! WHY did I ever start looking! I just couldnt stop! I have so much I should be working on... but those photos just pulled me in. I could have looked at them all day. Thank Goodness I didnt .... I disiplined myself! The only way I can express how I feel when I look at photos like these is, how I hear avid readers describe reading a good book... they just feel like they just crawl into the book and lose themselves. That's how I feel when I look at old photos of my family. I wish I could just crawl into that photo and talk with them, get to know them, find out what their life was like.

I dont know who all of the people in the group of photos above are,but may be if some of my family sees this , they'll figure it out. I'm not sure who the guy is putting the little one on the pig, but I thought it was funny.(top left). The photo next to the that , with the two women. (I know that the woman on the right is one of my grandpa Bendigs sisters), The couple is the middle is my Grandma and Grandpa Stoltenberg, The four women standing arm in arm.. grandma Bendig is the second in from the left. And in the photo above that in the top right, I have no idea, but it was the sweetest photo of a mother holding a baby.
The three men in chairs(Great Grandpa Stoltenberg), and in the other photo with the big group I know Grandma Stoltenberg, my mom, uncle al, Grandma Bendig, The bottom photo in the photo group is off this old boat. I have no idea where or who's it is , but what a cool photo!
Those where just a hand full of photos from the box. There is one lesson to be learned... mark or lable your photos!(I'm guilty of not doing this) Years from now... others may not know who those people are. There nothing sadder to me than to see a pile of photos that no one has a clue about.

Here was the other fun little treasure in that box. These are all hand stitched things my mom did in grammar school! How darn sweet is that? The one of the flag was unfinished, and still had the floss wrapped inside.

I was thinking how fun it would be for us to sit and go through this box with mom the next time my sisters are all home. Oh the stories these photos could tell!

Speaking of sisters... tomorrow is my sweet sister Sharons birthday! so ...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON!!!! We hope you have a fantastic day!!!!


janel said...

Oh those photos are like a library...you have to have your grandma tell you as much as she can from them...even tape record her,or the conversation you have with her. We waited too long to hear the stories from my mom...she couldn't remember...and I cry thinking about it! LOVE the needlework...to think that her hands stitched each stitch, don't you wish you knew what she was thinking about when she was stitching? So many memories..and so lucky that YOU cherish them...that makes all the difference.

Anonymous said...

I can totally understand what you mean with those photos - I feel the same. I ask everything from my relatives. Hey the name Stoltenberg- where did your family came from? hugs!

Pattyjo said...

I can't blame you for spending lots of time on old photos, they are priceless. My DH has boxs of old photos of his family and I LOVE to look at them.
I think you should check with your mom about the pig, I have never seen a pig that big! It must be a horse. LOL