Monday, January 22, 2007

Thinking Spring?

Ok... I had to come back and edit this post because I just got an email with this link , and had to share it with you. When we were at Memory Trends, Fiskars wanted to do a video segment on using their cutters to make Spoolie books for their website. Sandy asked me if I wanted to do it... I said.. NO WAY! lol and I'm so glad Sandy did it! She did a great job... Here it is

Fiskars /Spoolie video

(just click on spoolie albums with Sandy)

Well... a little bit.. while I was working on this project anyway. LOL

This was made with all Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Goodies, for the most part. Papers ,Homespun cotton Scraps and Cardstock stickers.

The photo is of Dan's family just before church on Easter Sunday. (his youngest brother wasnt born yet in this photo). Dan is the little guy in the front row , middle.
I did a lot of machine stiching on this layout. I just love the look of stitching on these kinds of projects. And I was proud of myself for sewing those buttons on and not taking the lazy way out with glue dots , like I wanted to! lol (good choice.. I know) lol
This is about as close to spring as it's going to get around here...becasue there is still ALOT of snow outside! The bright spot is... I'll be in sunny Califoria in just a few days!


janel said...

I love it all!
Wow, the hanging is absolutely wonderful...everything! I love that photo...what a treasure.
Watched the spoolie video....wish you would have done it too!! Great ideas, and just a highlight of the day...a real breath of Spring and sunshine. Fabulous entries busy girl!

Pattyjo said...

It is just Beautiful! I can't think of anything you have made, that I don't just love! You pay such good attention to small details and it really shows! I watched the spoolie video and gathered up 8 ribbon spools and have them made, but not decorated yet! You are so clever!