Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lazy Weekend

It's been a lazy weekend at home.... but I'm not complaining.

Well, we've pretty much , been in all weekend, as we've been warned all week of the big snow storm coming. It really ended up , not being bad at all here. I talked to my mom, and I they got more snow that we did for sure. (just 17miles away). It's amazing what a difference just a few miles can make. We did get rain, thunder, lightening, ice, then snow. It was weird. You can see in some of the photos, the ice on things, that really helped hold the snow in place. The wind was pretty intense out here, though. I was trying to post , last night about 10pm and right in the middle , we lost power. I waited and waited, and finally got so bored, I just went to bed.

The power was off for a was a few hours. It was starting to get chilly in here....but at last... HEAT!

I've been working on some projects this weekend, but more than anything, I just seem to be making a HUGE mess of my room. I just keep getting ideas , and digging stuff out, but then now really getting anything done with it??? hmmm... Hopefully today will be a bit more productive.


Kay said...

Wow, that is pretty, Vicki! I think it's the same storm that's supposed to be hitting us. I am worried about the ice/losing power thing. That's such a nightmare! Think snow day (stay in my pj's) thoughts for me! ;)

Nat said...

gorgeous photos!

Catherine said...

It looks lovely!! How much snow did you end up with - and are you warm or not??

janel said...

Your snow pictures are beautiful, and it looks like you live in a secluded woods! Hope that our sunshine comes your way and melts it all for the farmers! Enjoy your scrap mess...I think that is when one is the most creative...and when you have the most's just the clean up that is a chore. Enjoy!!!

Helle Greer said...

I just love the picture of your little table and chairs,so pretty.
I miss snow so much.