Thursday, February 01, 2007

My favorite part of CHA

My Favorite part of CHA...

is always.... seeing friends that I dont get to see often... and making new friends, and I got to do alittle of both!

I thought first I would post a couple of photos I just snapped quickly, as we were walking into the show one morning.
Those five days of palm trees and not having to wear a coat are OVER!... it's FREEZING here! brrrrr!!!

Back to my favorite part. These are just some photos taken with friends I wanted to share. The time goes by so fast ,and it's always such a rush, there were so many people I forgot to snap photos with. Even Becky and I , only chatted for a few minutes a couple of different times, and I didn't even think about my camera.(now that's a new one). Anyway, I have lots a photos I do want to share, so I'll do that a few at a time over the next few days.

Have you ever just met someone and know right away that you are just going to click with them? Well that was how I felt when I met both these girls! I first met Michelle (on the right) at Memory Trends last year and just couldnt wait to see her again. Helle is just a doll also and blew me away with her "Moo cards"... OH MY... they were SO COOL! I swear I stood there for 10 minutes just trying to pick one! Every single one was SO fun! I am going to be stalking both these girls blogs , because they are CRAZY talented!!!

The two women at the table doing my Make and Take and the AccuCut Booth, are Store owners of
"Heart to Heart Scrapbooking"
in Farmington New Mexico. We first met Rose and Elaine on a Scrapbooking Cruise a few years ago, and always look forward to seeing them at Trade Shows! It was so nice that they took time to stop by and do the Make and Take. Thanks girls!

Oh... and finally.. I got to meet my dear sweet friend Janel (in person)! That was a treat! I feel like I've known here for years! Again... there is just something that just draws certain people together, even if they have never met face to face. It's pretty amazing the friendships people can form via the internet...isnt it?

Cat, Gretchen , me and Amanda

And then, theres' "MY GIRLS"!!! YAY... it's My ScrapMuse girls! SCRAPMUSE, the place I've called home (for almost two years now). Anyone who knows me, knows the bond I feel with my SM girls is extra special. I miss them already!

This photo is of Sandy Redburn, the owner of "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage".(left)
I have such admiration for this woman.. I can't tell you.. I don't know how she does all that she does!
This photo was taken in the CS booth were I worked, with Sandy and Wendy. The new "Clear Art Stamps" were a HUGE success!!! (i knew they would be...because they are so stinking cool!!!)
Way to go Cindy and Sandy!!!

Pam Pugh from "Lara's Crafts" is standing in the middle! Pam and I have had many chats via phone and email, but this was the first time in person. It was great! She is just a fantastic person and and amazing artist. When I upload more photos I'll upload one of a chest set she made that is just amazing.

Well, I'm actually amazed that I stayed awake long enough to post tonight, but I did catch a few zzz's on the plane. I cant wait to post more photos and share with you tomorrow!
Feels good to be home though.. as always, and I'm sure my bed will feel good too!

Theres no place like home...
there's no place like home....
there's no place like home.. ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

yeeahhh- you are back - thanks so much for the gorgeous pictures!!! Can't wait to see more!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Vicki, I sure did miss you. I love seeing your photos. Sounds like you had a fantastic time, now get loading more pics, I can't wait to see them. Missed you :}

janel said...

And what a treat to give you a hug..a real one! Loved meeting you...and of course, seeing your work in real life was extra special! Rest up and stay warm!

Sandy said...

Gee Vic, thanks for the nice compliments but we all know it takes a takented designer to inspire people with cool ideas and YOU are the BEST! Plus it's not just your creative talent I love, but your wonderfully warm and REAL personality!!! You truly helped us have a fantastic show!
But most of all I want to say how grateful I am for our friendship!