Monday, February 26, 2007

Paper , Paint and Chipboard

This is a little project , I've had on my mind for some time now, and finally got around to working on it. I bought some of those (old ..non clip) clothes pins a while back, and I'm painting a bunch of them to use to hang projects from, like this. The base I started with on this project is actually part of a cardboard box that is torn and painted , then I built from there.

It's hard to see , but most of the flowers , the stems ect.. are all chipboard. All the paper, chipboard , and ribbon are all

I'm telling you what , I was looking through my stash of Fancy Pants Chipboard today, and they seriously just HAVE IT ALL, when it comes to chipboard shapes. (I swear, I have enough to build a house)lol. The possibilities are endless with it. They have done an amazing job with their chipboard. Stars, hearts, butterflies, circles, diamonds, ovals, squares, scrolls, swirls, flowers, birds, letters, on and on. It, just boggles the mind (mine anyway)lol So much to choose from...decisions , decisions.
Today was our 26th anniversary. We are quite the party animals. Dan is already in Bed (since he is up for work at 4am) and here I am at the computer. lol I did start the day with flowers and a nice card on the counter. 26 years? Man.. who'd a thunk it? lol


janel said...

Happy Anniversary! Amazing how fast the time goes. Congratulations. I love this latest project, and love the paint behind on the cardboard. Looks wonderful. Enjoy the memories, and may you have 26 more know that Nebraska boasts that it is the state that has more couples married over 50 years!! Here's
to many more!

becky said...

happy anniversary vic(& dan too!) love your project!

Catherine said...

It's beautiful!! ANd congrats on 26 years....that's a LONG time these days!!

Jami said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Wow and I thought 20 yrs was a long time. Just kidding. I love your project, GORGEOUS!!!