Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sharing photos

Just sharing some photos tonight, since the projects I'm working on , I have to wait a bit to share.
Remember a while ago , me talking about how Wes was so into "Guitar Hero"? Well, Jarad just had to go out and buy .. and two guitars so he and Wes to play at the same time.
If nothing else, it was just like when they were kids, ...the new toy entertained them for a while , and at least they were HOME! lol Since the weather was so bad , over the weekend, they hooked it all up to the big screen in the back room and hung out at home, (at least for a while).
Wes was determined that I try it , .... I think so they could laugh at me! (it was not good). Good thing, I hid the camera first, because he was looking for it , to give me a little dose of my own medicine , with the "picture thing". I was in my pj's... playing a toy guitar... fat chance, I was going to leave a camera laying around!!!

Man, they sure look like they take it seriously , don't they? I though it was suppose to be fun? lol

OK, here is the other photo , I just had to share. I got an email from Dawn(niece) today, titled, "Here fishy fishy". This was one of the photos attached. NOW... if this isn't rubbing our noses in it. THIS is what our Florida family was doing last weekend, while we were snowed in???? lol
I think we need to come to Florida again soon! The guys can enjoy the fishing , I'll just enjoy the water and sun!!
Looks like Gary and Howard had themselves a good fishing day!
(Howard... is that a Nebraska "Huskers" sweatshirt your wearing? lol


Catherine said...
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Catherine said...

ok, BLOGGER....I wish they had gotten your camera - it would have been cute to see you hamming it up with your boys!! LOL.

Jami said...

OMG I was laughing so hard because santa gave my girls guitar hero for Xmas and they still play it almost every day. They even get me doing it and I also think they just want a good laugh. I just printed out some pics of my girls playing it to scrap this weekend. Next time, let them find the camera. I think it would make a great project for you.