Sunday, February 11, 2007

Took the weekend off

This weekend I really took the first steps to keeping the promise I made to myself to manage the time I spend working in my room better. I did really well... probably TOO well! LOL

Yesterday I had errons to run in Fremont and then had lunch and spend some time with mom. It was really nice to just sit down and chat with her. after spending time there, I stopped by my friend Debs for a chat also. I hadn't seen her for way too long! Since I was quite the little home body last week, I had tons of errons to run, so I had to finish those up before heading home. It seemed like a made 20 stops! (actually I think I did) Whew!

Today(Sun) I when in to Omaha. It was my Friend Johns Birthday. So.. Happy Birthday to him!
Had a yummy brunch at "Upstream" and then grabbed a few things at Target. Wes was home again off and on this weekend, and he's been working on the project below. He asked me if I would stop at the music store in Omaha and pick up tubes for his new Vintage style amp and speaker for his guitar on my way home.

He ordered this vintage amp and then built the speaker. He bought the vintage paisley fabric on ebay,and it looked to cool with the amp and matched perfectly. He has worked really hard on this and was thrilled with how it sounded when he was all finished.
It's a good thing, I'm used to the sound of LOUD guitar music, after all these years. Because it was loud..for sure. But there is something about seeing your kids doing something they love that just makes you happy. He has always just been able to go into a room with his guitar, close the door ,and play for hours. I think we all have to have something like that ...that just takes us away , for a bit.

Alittle time for us.
Just to finish off the weekend , ....watched TV with the fam tonight and ordered out Pizza! I better not get to used to this , or I won't get anything done! (oh yeah... it was the weekend right?) It felt good!

Don't forget to put your name in for the ( Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage) RAK! I'll be drawing on Friday!!!!!!!!!!


Nat said...

I'm glad you took the weekend off!!! One need some quality time for oneself!!!

myrnastoy said...

Hi Vic,Glad to see you had a good week-end.Sure did miss your blog every nite.Would you please put my name in for the drawing? Thanks,Cousin Myrna

Catherine said...

Sounds like the weekend was spent doing lots of fun stuff!! I think your sons take after you in the crative department!

Catherine said...

make that the creative department....can't spell today.

Jami said...

Good for you Vicki, everyone needs down time and what better time than a weekend.

janel said...

Yea for you! Bet your mother LOVED being with you too....saw the two of you in the Crafty Secret Get Creative book that I received today! What a TREAT!!!!! We love guitars in our family too....Enjoy the week!