Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Up to my old tricks again

If there is one thing I never considered myself it's a procrastinator. I have never liked it when things pile up ... so I usually get on it right away. But lately, when it comes to projects, if it's something I need to get done, but I'm really not motivated to do, or it's going to entail, writing and article or something.(I dread). I can find a million ways to avoid it!
I have one of those sort of things going on right now, and I need to GET ON IT! I told myself "Vic, when you get up in the morning , you start on that right away, and just work on it until you get it finished!" That is the mission for the day!!! I Got up early, got in the shower and ...

cleaned out and straightened the bathroom drawers! What? Not that they didn't need it , but why do I do that? LOL Oh Brother! Please tell me some of you do this too! Finally ... I made myself get on task, and I got quite a bit done (on what I was supposed to be doing) !

I don't like posting on my blog without having something so show you, and since today I didn't get to make anything creative to share, I didn't think, I would have anything for this post, but then I remembered that I hadn't posted this new Page Frame I did last week yet. Yay! LOL I'm like a little kid. Posting without a project , is like a book without pictures! (okay.. a really lame book, without pictures!)
This was done on a 6x6 Page Frame. The girls are Paula's Granddaughters. The Flowers are AccuCut. Speaking of which... today is Paula's Birthday! Happy Birthday Paula!!!

Short post today...because, I'm trying to keep myself on task. (yeah right) LOL


janel said...

Yummy! I am stalking my postman, as I am waiting for an 8x8 page frame that is coming...I can't wait. Doing the circle one now that I got at CHA. LOVE LOVE LOVE yours!!!! Of course!!! That is a given! :)

Nat said...

Soooo beautiful - I totally love htis!

Catherine said...

jaw droppin' gorgeous! That is beautiful!

Jami said...

OMG Vicki it is gorgeous. Now you better get back on task.