Saturday, March 31, 2007

Digging through the archives

Today, I was thinking about Scrapbooking trends(and products), and just how quickly they change. I think is a combination of , tons of different products,And tons of new talented scrappers finding themselves caught up in this "art form". It's almost hard to keep up! I try hard to just do what I feel is "me". I like to do lots of different styles though...depending on my mood.. so I can never say I feel like I have a certain "Style". In some ways It kind of bugs me that I don't have a certain "style", but at times it helps me out. When I was on the "Scrapbook Answers Mag" Design Team, I think it really helped me adapt , when I was assigned projects that required using/or learning different techniques and applying them to a layout or project.
Set style or not I do though, believe your style changes and evolves as new products enter the picture...simply because you sometimes just change and adapt to use those products.
Anyway, all this got me thinking about layouts and projects I did a year , two , five even 10 years ago, and which ones I can still "live" with , and which ones I don't really care for anymore.
Not that I will ever do them over, or anything crazy like that! Whew! I am totally glad they are documented and I'm fine with them being in my books, I just wouldn't want to post them anywhere again! lol

I clicked through my files with all my projects over the past few years, and I was shocked at how many I didn't really like Maybe it's because I'm so involved in crazy business that I notice all the "dated" stuff? It bugs me ! Tell me to get over it, will ya? lol

Anyway, I picked out a few things that I am still ok with , to post today, that I dont think Iv'e posted here before. You know how you just have some of your favorites? Maybe it's the photo..because it's special to you , or you like the image..maybe it's just the color combo's , who knows... but here are the ones I am still ok with

this tag ..simply because I LOVE this image! The image is one of the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Baby Cuts.
This is done with images from the Vintage booklets
These are some tags I did when I first started doing sample for them. The have so many new thing since I first fell in love with the vintage images when I found them. Papers, Cotton Scraps, accordian albums, wood albums, stamps,and tons more images and booklets. These were even pre-spoolie! LOL If you dont know what a spoolie is ... it's a Idea I came up with (very late one night!),to make a little mini album , INSIDE and EMPTY RIBBON SPOOL.... wha la.... A "SPOOLIE" check here to see the "Get Round" book we did with Spoolies and other round projects... and you can also see "Get Creative" time flys!!!These are done with Fancy Pants Designs Papers, rubons and Chipboard. Although they arent that old... it's seems like it to me , simply because Fancy Pants has come out with 6 new stamp sets , 8 new paper lines , 6 new rubons, Creative Card packs, new lace wraps and ribbons and flowers to match all the paper lines SINCE THIS. Not to mention, enough Chipboard to build a house! HERE and HERE lol Holy Moly! See what I mean about how quickly things change in this industry?

Even though when I go back and look at some of (ok.. alot of) the projects I've done over the years, and think they look "dated".. I have to hope..more than anything , that they will have served there purpose....because the "purpose" was to preserve not only my family heritage for my grandchildren and great grandchildren ,but to hopefully give them ...if nothing else, I glimpse into our everyday life... to show them that I cared enough to preserve these photos for them in my own person way... and that I really enjoyed doing it!

I had to come back and do an update on this post...because I wanted to tell you to be sure and go over to check out my friend Nat's blog ,and see what she pulled out of her archives! She live in Germany, so the it's first in German then in English. And if you are a technique junkie, and like to try all kinds of fun new techniques , you better put her blog in your "favorites" now!
here is the link to her blog
by Nathalie Kalbach

whew... I was long winded today

Friday, March 30, 2007

Ready for the weekend!

Lots going on this weekend.. so I'm hoping the weather is nice. I'm meeting with a group of friends in Omaha tomorrow, for lunch and shopping, and before that, to watch a friend run in a marathon. Tomorrow night "Tilly and the Wall"( my nieces band) is playing in Omaha. I always go.. and would love to tomorrow night.. but I'll just have to see how the day goes.

I worked on my project for Paper Crafts today, and got it finished! Yay! I can't share that ,but I can share some of the little "fun Stuff" I've been doing.
I saw these wooden pinwheels at Walgreens yesterday, (2 for $1).. so I took off the plastic flower pinwheel that was on them , and made my own with some colorful Fancy Pants Papers.

The other thing I was working on , was trying to come up with 50 of something! Two of the friends I'm meeting with , just turned 50, so we thought it would be fun for each of us to do something up for them (50 of something) The containers have 50 LifeSavers in them, and the card has a square punch out of the front , with a lifesaver in it. The blue tag, is what the saying on the inside says.

These papers are also Fancy Pants . These are "Vintage Summer"
I just checked the Fancy Pants Blog...and LOOKie Michelle and I both have things on the blog. Michelle and I are not only on the ScrapMuse DT together ,but also Fancy Pants. Check out her cool layouts on the FP Blog!

Ok... one other thing before I go off to take in the weekend. Yesterday, JULIE posted a comment ...and it was so nice.... she said we met at CHA. JULIE... email me , so we can connect. I don't have your email... and I realize I need to get mine posted here on my blog.
Until then... here is mine...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little treats for me?

It was a busy day , but full of little "happy" suprises! First of all "Thanks" Lisa of "Mona Lisa Moments" for your kind words on your blog about my cake card box... also Dale Anne of "MyCreative Ramblings"
I'm really excited at all of the new friendly and oh so talented girls I've met through blogging! To all you new girls that have been commenting... HELLO! I've been loving checking out your blogs also.

Lisa Strahl and I both do design work for Crafty Secrets. I had met her on one of my trips to Canada, and then spent more time with her at CHA in Anaheim. She is a very talented girl!

I was happy also to get a project picked up by Paper Crafts Mag today! Yay! I hadn't been published by them before. I was excited when they requested a project a while back... but totally bummed when it was a project that was already being published, and was spoken for.
So , I'm happy now! lol

On top of those fun things... I got these fun Easter things , from my friend Deb today!!! (I'd love to link you to her blog...but still trying to talk her into the "blog thing". lol
Are these SO CUTE or what? Look at the little birdie/chick feet that are stitched on that egg! OH... love them!

AND..... yes there is more. lol I stopped by my sweet ma mas house , and look what she cut for me.... Hyacinths!!! OH... it's just not spring to me , without these. I have such fond memories of these. They have always grown out in front of my parents house, by the front porch. When my dad was still alive, and my boys where little, my dad would always pick me some and drive them over to me , accross town , because he knew how much a loved them. It's hard for me to believe Dad has been gone for over 20 years now...because that memory is as fresh as if it was yesterday.

My entire house smells wonderful from these!

When I stopped at the $ Store today, I found these fun bins for $3 each. I just had to share. They are about 6x6x8. All three fit perfectly on the shelf on my desk. Yippee!

Here is the other little treasure I found today. I had the back of my vehicle full of things I needed to drop off at the goodwill.... so of course I had to run in quick and see if there was anything in there , I just NEEDED to have to alter. lol BINGO!.... I found this .. for $1.99

I'm so excited to Alter it... but I have other things I HAVE to finish this week first!
So,.. they are all just little things... but they make for a really really nice day! It felt like the sun was shining , even though it was raining!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The windows are open

I LOVE being able to have the windows open! Actually when we moved to the country, I really thought I would have my windows open all the time, (well atleast lot) but, that was until I realized the kind of dust that was involved with you live on a gravel road. lol
I really to love having them open. The smell of fresh air, the breeze, being able to hear the birds..all of it!
I can tell, being to ready for SPRING, as really had an effect on the colors I choose to use for my projects. lol... I'm sure if you visit this blog much, you've noticed also. lol
Pink, yellow, blue and green pastels!!! I just cant get enough of them.

I wish you could see the effect of the "Glimmer Mist" on this tag. I talked about it in a previous post. It's made by a company called "My Tattered Angels". I ran across them recently, and just love them.

The flower image, is from one of the "Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage" , "HomeSpun Cotton Scraps" sheets. "SPRING"
I love the fact they they are printed on Cotton, so the edges can be frayed. They can be stitched or just attached with a tape runner, glue stick.. ect..
The little photo turned are actually stickers. I'm always amazed at how dimensional they look!
Crafty Secrets has a "Hardware" sheet, but I number of the sticker sheets have eyelets and ect.. on them. You can see them all HERE
You can see better on this photo,but I used my Sakura glue pen to highlight the fabric image and then sprinkled some fine iridescent glitter on it.
I'm all about glitter lately! Trust me .. it's on everything I touch... whether I want it to be or not.
I even noticed it on Dan's forehead after he was in here using the computer! lol I didn't tell him. tee hee!

Hope all of you had a wonderful day! (I know your smiling just thinking about ol glitter head)lol

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

These are a few of my favorite things

I decided although it's a dreary day here, sprinkling and cloudy... I thought I would go outside and just take a few shots of the buds on the trees and little signs of spring popping out of the ground to post today, since I don't have project I can post yet. Well, I tried...but it just didn't work out. Things are coming up...but ...remember it's Nebraska.. and it hasn't been warm all that long, so there is still alot of brown stuff. ick! Soon... it will be better..but until then I'll share some photos. I do this every once in a while. It's "These are a few of my favorite things" post. lol I just walk around the house and snap shots of things "inside" that ..just.. make me happy!
You know how you have those certain little things sitting around that you just "enjoy" when you walk by them. We all have them. The are either things someone special has given you, that remind you of something or someone. They could just be your favorite color , or just give you that "cozy"feeling. Well.. here are some of mine.

I found that little cream picture when I was junk'n/treasure hunting.
To left had corner of my white cabinet, is one of my handmade favorites from my friend Catherine. She is a wiz with a sewing machine. Author of "Sewing on Paper".

I got this years ago in the Back Hills ...and just love those little birds. It hangs above my stove.

I love birds! (even before hey were popular)lol
I think, because my mom has collected them for years.The photo below is of the guest bathroom . It's kind of my "girlie place". For some reason the guys in the house... don't use this restroom much. lol

This little tea pot was a gift from my dear friend Sally. She gave it to me years ago when our kiddos where just little guys. I had two boys and she had three. We did lots together and our boys played together daily. We were young mothers, and supported each other through the rough times, and shared the joys of raising boys. Motherhood was number one to this is so fitting. Our boys are grown, she is no longer my sister-in-law (as she was married to Dan's brother)...but will always be my friend. Although she is remarried has a new life, and we don't get together as often as we used to... she is still so special to me!
It's amazing , something as simple as a little teapot can hold so many memories!
Talking about friends... I wanted to say thanks to all the new friends , that have been commenting on my blog. Your comments just make my day!!! Thanks! Vicki

Monday, March 26, 2007

More photos to share

For those of you who might be new to my blog.... you will certainly see your share of band photos , from time to time and hear me being the "proud aunt". lol

My niece Neely (my sister Jan's daughter) (in orange dress and jeans, in the center) is in the band "Tilly and the Wall", and I might as well be their PR person. lol I just think the world of these kids.

Wes (ds) when to "South by Southwest" Music and Film Festival in Austin TX, and the "Tillys" were playing there, along with a number of other bands, that flew in for the festival. Wes brought his pictures home ,and I wanted to share them here, so the rest of our family and friends can see them.
These are of the The Tilly's performing on afternoon. They actually performed a number of times during the festival, but the "daylight" outside shots where defiantly the best!

He did a great job of getting shots from a number of different angles.

Singing and dancing their little hearts out! lol

Today, I got my ScrapMuse kit for the month, so I'm busy working on it, and can't post anything yet... so for today.. I'm sharing photos instead.
I will tell you this much... It is a rock'n kit!!!
Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Wedding Cake Card Box

I here is the finished wedding cake card box for my nieces wedding. Her wedding colors are silver and light pink. Yay... I'm on top of things for once...and have it done way ahead of time!

I used these AccuCut dies

Scallop- (Large Square) SQ704G ( I just used one edge)
Largest flower-Flowers #6 F1445LC
Medium flower From-Flowers Mini #4 F1434
smallest flower-Itty Bitty Flowers #3 Z1Bo7o
Bird- #5 B1507L
Bird-#6 B1506L

I ended up using a stencil design, but then going back and paining it. Then went over the stenciled design with diamond glaze and ultra fine glitter.

After I was finished , I took it outside and gave it all a light coat of Craft Bond spray adhesive and a light over all coat of irridesent glitter.

What is a do before I had a AccuCut Machine????? lol

Center of attention

Well as you can see "Daisy" was the hit of the day, at Grandmas. When we got to moms today, we had a surprise. We heard Ray and Linda were going to stop before they had to be at Hunters game ,but when they came they had Amy , Hunter and "DAISY" with them. This is the first time we got to see the latest addition to the family...but she was certainly the hit of the day. Isn't she CUTE!
I realized that almost EVERY the photo I snapped , involved the PUP! lol What is it about puppies , they are just irresistible!
It was one suprise after another.... Neely and Kiley ended up showing up , and then Kiley went and got Brad and the boys, so Sharon and Howard could see them. Dan and Lori came by and had picked up J, so they could see him also. (Kirstyn was napping) . The little ones change so quickly between visits , I know they really loved getting to see them before they had to head back. Sharon was concerned about the kiddos getting Howards cold, but since the weather was so nice, they spent most of the time outside. Actually everyone did. I think we are all ready for was so nice to be outside!
It was a nice day, and so good to see family. Sharon and Howard go back to Florida tomorrow, so
it was nice for them to see family that they hadn't seen yet since arriving for the funeral, at the beginning of the week. It has been a stressful week for them with the funeral and Howard being so sick, and neither one have been getting much no one stayed long ..just enough to say hello.

Daisy is Amy , John and Hunters new pup. I bet that puppy sleeps well tonight! I think everyone took their turn holding her.
Now that is a CUUUUUUTE Puppy!
I finished Kileys Wedding cake card box, and brought it in to day to drop off to her, but she ended up stopping by, so she took it with her. I think she liked it.... she was all smiles.

That pup, defiantly got attention today. Sharon is a dog lover too!

Jayvier, Griffin and Aiden ( Dan and Lori's Grandkids) had a ball just playing in the back yard at Grandmas.

Hunter made sure, Grandma and Daisy , got some bonding time also.
Just makes you wanna go get a puppy doesn't it??? lol

Busy Weekend

It's late, but I'm determined to post on this blog tonight. lol Just had some things I wanted to share.
Tomorrow we are going to moms to see Sharon (sister) and Howard (bil) before they head back to Florida. Poor Howard has been so sick with a cold since they've been here.
I made lazonia , garlic bread and salad to take, so we will have lunch and some time to visit.

See this cute little "Bird Vignettes" card box? Well I was lucky enough to run across it while I was junk/treasure looking on Friday. Full of cool cards... at the bargain price of 50 cents! Well, you cant beat that!

Have you ever seen these? I ran across them at the Scrapbook Store in Omaha the other day. The owner showed me some examples of what they looked like ,and as you can see, I was SOLD. They are by a new company called "Tattered Angels"
It is called "Glimmer Mist". I love the way they looked when I sprayed them on some manila tags. They give them a slight metallic sheen. Really cool! I do notice you really have to shake them up because you can see that the metallic settles in the bottom of the bottle a bit. But they shake up easily and work really well. Just thought I'd share my new find. Now I need to go check out the website, I typed it in ,just to post the link here, but haven't really had a chance to look yet.

These are some "just for no reason" flowers , I got this week. Those are the best. Why is it having fresh flowers in the room is just makes such a difference. Maybe I'm just ready for SPRING!!! YES!

Well, there is a story to go with the "bath" photo of Molly. It stormed here last night, and we got quite a bit of rain.
The ditch in front of the house was full of water this morning... and lets just say that when Dan went out to get the mail this morning and took the dogs, he wasn't looking when Miss Molly decided to go SWIMMING! Wes was home for a bit today, so I'm lucky he was up for the job of giving her a bath..and I got out of it! Wonder why she thinks water is good when it's in the ditch ,but not so great, when it's in the tub?
I have been working like crazy on my "cake" project , and.... I'M FINISHED! I was not happy with the way it was starting out in the beginning ,but now that it's all done. I'm really liking how it turned out. Hoping Kiley will like it. Can't wait to show her. I will take photos tomorrow in the light and post them soon.