Thursday, March 08, 2007

A bit of a mix

Wow, talk about a post that is ..all over the place! LOL I just have all these little bits and pieces to share, and they are all SO different , there really isn't any way to make them flow together... so bare with me. (hey , you should be used to this by now, it's how most of my posts are) lol

I laughed so hard today, a pkg came in the mail, and it was a surprise for Aly and Molly, (our dogs, who think they are people). It was from their Aunt Jan! lol

Are these pink collars SO CUTE or what? OH.. I LOVE THEM!

Here they are with them on. ( on squirrel watch)

THANKS JAN!!! The girls are "STYL'N" now! They are defiantly the most "HIP" country dogs around here! lol

Wes was home for just a bit. Long enough to do up his laundry and play with the dogs. (they LOVE it when he comes home, because he showers them with attention) ... and I pay the price , listening to them whine , the next day!

Anyway, Wes is getting ready for his trip. He as some friends are going to Austin TX again this year , for "South by Southwest". It a Music and film festival. He went last year with friends and had a great time, so can wait to go again. The Tilly's will be playing there again this year also.

CHECK IT OUT! TILLY AND THE WALL at South by Southwest

I just went to the website to see if I could see where and when they play, and found this awesome article. YAY! Tilly's!

Poor Jarad , isn't doing anything near as fun... he went in for is consultation about his wisdom teeth. YIKES! Looks like he's set to have them out on April 12th. It wont be fun, I know..but I think he will be relieved to have it over with... and to have them NOT bothering him.

I spent most of the day today working on class kits for my upcoming class in West Point. Jan and I will be teaching in Lincoln before that , but those classes are ready to go! Whew!

I worked on something fun with some AccuCut dies, also. I'll share that tomorrow... when I have some light for photos!

Have a great day!!!


Catherine said...

Love those doggie collars, and they look adorable!!

janel said...

Good morning!
What adorable "pooch" collars! Makes me think I should get my Crop-a-dile going! Can't wait to see your new projects. Have a great day.