Saturday, March 31, 2007

Digging through the archives

Today, I was thinking about Scrapbooking trends(and products), and just how quickly they change. I think is a combination of , tons of different products,And tons of new talented scrappers finding themselves caught up in this "art form". It's almost hard to keep up! I try hard to just do what I feel is "me". I like to do lots of different styles though...depending on my mood.. so I can never say I feel like I have a certain "Style". In some ways It kind of bugs me that I don't have a certain "style", but at times it helps me out. When I was on the "Scrapbook Answers Mag" Design Team, I think it really helped me adapt , when I was assigned projects that required using/or learning different techniques and applying them to a layout or project.
Set style or not I do though, believe your style changes and evolves as new products enter the picture...simply because you sometimes just change and adapt to use those products.
Anyway, all this got me thinking about layouts and projects I did a year , two , five even 10 years ago, and which ones I can still "live" with , and which ones I don't really care for anymore.
Not that I will ever do them over, or anything crazy like that! Whew! I am totally glad they are documented and I'm fine with them being in my books, I just wouldn't want to post them anywhere again! lol

I clicked through my files with all my projects over the past few years, and I was shocked at how many I didn't really like Maybe it's because I'm so involved in crazy business that I notice all the "dated" stuff? It bugs me ! Tell me to get over it, will ya? lol

Anyway, I picked out a few things that I am still ok with , to post today, that I dont think Iv'e posted here before. You know how you just have some of your favorites? Maybe it's the photo..because it's special to you , or you like the image..maybe it's just the color combo's , who knows... but here are the ones I am still ok with

this tag ..simply because I LOVE this image! The image is one of the Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Baby Cuts.
This is done with images from the Vintage booklets
These are some tags I did when I first started doing sample for them. The have so many new thing since I first fell in love with the vintage images when I found them. Papers, Cotton Scraps, accordian albums, wood albums, stamps,and tons more images and booklets. These were even pre-spoolie! LOL If you dont know what a spoolie is ... it's a Idea I came up with (very late one night!),to make a little mini album , INSIDE and EMPTY RIBBON SPOOL.... wha la.... A "SPOOLIE" check here to see the "Get Round" book we did with Spoolies and other round projects... and you can also see "Get Creative" time flys!!!These are done with Fancy Pants Designs Papers, rubons and Chipboard. Although they arent that old... it's seems like it to me , simply because Fancy Pants has come out with 6 new stamp sets , 8 new paper lines , 6 new rubons, Creative Card packs, new lace wraps and ribbons and flowers to match all the paper lines SINCE THIS. Not to mention, enough Chipboard to build a house! HERE and HERE lol Holy Moly! See what I mean about how quickly things change in this industry?

Even though when I go back and look at some of (ok.. alot of) the projects I've done over the years, and think they look "dated".. I have to hope..more than anything , that they will have served there purpose....because the "purpose" was to preserve not only my family heritage for my grandchildren and great grandchildren ,but to hopefully give them ...if nothing else, I glimpse into our everyday life... to show them that I cared enough to preserve these photos for them in my own person way... and that I really enjoyed doing it!

I had to come back and do an update on this post...because I wanted to tell you to be sure and go over to check out my friend Nat's blog ,and see what she pulled out of her archives! She live in Germany, so the it's first in German then in English. And if you are a technique junkie, and like to try all kinds of fun new techniques , you better put her blog in your "favorites" now!
here is the link to her blog
by Nathalie Kalbach

whew... I was long winded today


Nat said...

What an awesome idea to go and look at your old things and post them - I think I will copy you on that one ,-)

Nat said...

Did it ;-)

Regina said...

I don't speak English very well, but I love your blog. I will add you in my favorites.


Pattyjo said...

cute pictures of the specil kiss. I love your tags!