Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fun stuff

Today.. I'm happy to say that, I have some good news. My mom got her test results back, and they are good! The fluid around her heart has cleared up with the medication, and is back to normal. The doctor still wants to see her in about a week and run a few more tests and take xrays of her lungs ect.. but things look very good! What a relief! Thanks to all of you, who have been keeping her in your prayers!

I'm posting a few things, I've worked on over the past week or so. Just quick fun projects that will go to the sale , or eventually my etsy shop , if I decided to get that going??? hmmm.... still thinking.

I found these two little wood plaques , with the images in them,but just an unfinished wood frame. So.. I did a little altering.

If you want to take part in something fun, you should check out the fun Tea Party on Artsy Mama's blog tomorrow. It looks like it will be filled with links to all kinds of creative , beautiful, fun things. I'm hoping to participate, but we'll just have to see what I get done today. Even if I don't get anything made, I will certainly be going to check out all the pretties!

Last night , I road along with Greg(nephew.. my sister Sharon's son), to the airport, pick up Dawn(niece.. my sister Sharon's daughter). I knew with them only been here a very short time, (since they were just flying in for the funeral), that I wouldn't have much time with them, so at least we got to chat for those couple of hours in the car.
Most of you know I come from a very large , very spread out,(age wise) family. Having 6 brothers and sisters older than I am, means that some of my nieces and nephews and I are very close in age. I'm sure it seems weird to some ,... but it seems totally normal to me. I feel as close to my nieces and nephew as to my brothers and sisters, because they are who I was around a lot , growing up. It was like having LOTS of siblings. I am SO lucky...because each of them is just a precious gift in my life!!!


janel said...

Happy first day of Spring....always promise in the air! If you need any pushing to start your e-shop...I will push! :) Think that would be wonderful!! Enjoy the day...and so happy with the results of you mom's test!

Nat said...

Happy frist day of spring!!! LOve your wish stars!!!

Jami said...

Oh I am so happy that the results for your mom came back good. Happy Spring to you!!! I know what you mean about ages with nieces and nephews. I have a aunt that is only 2 yrs. older than me and a uncle that is l year older. We grew up more like brother and sister or at least cousins than aunt and uncle. My mother had 7 brothers and sisters and my dad had 14 brothers and sisters that were still alive when I was born. So you can say that I have a very big family also. My DH always says we can't go anywhere without running into one of my relatives. HAHA. I just love it!!!

bethtrue said...

hi Vicki - i'm the winner of your great green give-away but don't see how to e-mail you with my address info?! i can't find your e-mail address on your blog - guiess i'm technologically challenged; anyway hope you see this post and can e-mail me!

bethbellanca at gmail dot com

Pattyjo said...

I'm glad to hear your mom's tests are good! I know that can be a scarey time...the waiting for the results.
I love the two wood plaques you created. I only have one question...How do you do that? How do you come up with one after another creations? Your good!