Sunday, March 11, 2007

Here comes Monday!

Sure hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Wes was home to pick up luggage and things he needed for his trip. He leaves Tuesday for TX. He is excited to go , even more so, now that he found out he WILL get to see the Tilly's after all. At first he had just thought they were scheduled to perform the night he left , but has since found out they will be playing two other shows during the day , next week, while they are there! Yay! The only thing is , he has been having really bad stomach aches , like he did back in junior high. I used to get them also, and I'm convinced that it's just stress related, and he is thinking the same thing. He just has to much going on all the time. He was pretty miserable this weekend, so if tonight things aren't better, he will have to come back and see the doctor tomorrow. Here's hoping for a good nights sleep ..and that tomorrow is better for him.

Jarad had to work part of the weekend, and then he seems to shower and head out with friends. I think there is a girly in the picture. lol I ask,... but he's not giving me scoop! ( just bits...enough to make me curious!) lol darn!

Dan was a the cabin Saturday...but this the frost going out the road was a mess, out there. I don't think he'll try it again ,until it dries out a bit. It was a muddy mess! ( and so was his car)

A hat for Kirstyn!
I played with my new AccuCut dies , just a bit this weekend. I found this cute little hat and dressed it up with some Fancy Pants papers and ribbon. The die I used was Flowers#6 F1445LC . If any of the Scrapbook stores near you have a AccuCut machine for you to use, that would be the die to ask for. LOVE IT! The flowers are so adaptable for so many things.
The Fancy Pants Designs Papers I used , were from the "Mulberry Road" line.
I cant wait to see how CUTE Kirstyn will look with this on...she is such a little doll anyway!
I WILL be taking pictures! lol

Is my Aly pup, the cutest or what? I had to sneak up the stairs to get my camera when I saw this. Both dogs LOVE stuffed animals, (and only have a trillion), but as Aly gets older, she only like the small ,soft ones. She wont even chew on chew sticks anymore. Molly (the wild child of the two), takes the toys and runs off with them to the other room... ( and lets just say ,they are not the same when she returns with them). I got Aly this little bunny this weekend.. and I think she likes it. hmmm... I think she is going to make sure Molly doesn't get her "paws" this one! lol
I wanted to share these photos of Donna at the Craft show with her Brazilian Embroidery. I tried to crop it so you can see her work closer... it's amazing! TALENTED!!!
I'll have to get some pics of Ron's Silvermithing work also. The things he makes are stunning. I wish I would have thought to take a photo of the ring he made me , when I still had light. It NEVER leaves me.. Its the most favorite piece of jewelry I have ever had!

Look at how tan that girl is... you can tell she's not a Nebraska girl anymore. I could certainly use a little Arizona sun, right now!
With St Patty's Day coming up .. I have an idea for a little give away this week! I'll post about it tomorrow!

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Catherine said...

That hat is to die for! So cute, you make everything MORE beautiful!