Friday, March 23, 2007

It's Friday!

Wow, it' s seems like this week just flew by! I have to say, it's been refreshing to feel a bit of Spring in the air. I love having my work room up here on the second floor right next to the trees, because of the view of the countryside, but it's really a treat in the spring to be able to have the window open and hear the birds first thing in the morning and see the trees beginning to bud. I really do love living in the country.

I'll share a couple of the things I worked on yesterday, with you. This is an altered project I did using Fancy Pants product. (papers and lace). I love sunflowers and took LOTS of photos of them up and down the road when I walked last summer. I don't know how many photos one person needs of sunflowers, but I think I'm pushing the limit. lol I'm sure I'll take more this summer, knowing me.

If you know me , you know I not only love altering ANYTHING, and love going junk'n, but I also have a hard time getting rid of things... unless I'm really in the mood to purge. So I had this old container with a silk flower arrangement in it (that had seen better days) , in the box to go to the good will. I kept walking past it , thinking, hmmmm.... should be able to do something with that. I love to have different pedestals and things in my room for photographing things, so I made this with some odds and ends from the "disguard" box. I pulled the foam and flowers out of the pot, grabbing this hard plastic serving plate, (that was also in the Goodwill box),I painted the pot, and the underneath of the plate. I sealed the bottom of the plate , over the paint with a clear acrylic sealer. (you could use, diamond glaze, mod podge...ect.. ) I only did the bottom , so that "IF" I ever wanted I could sit cookies ect... on it. And just be able to wipe off the top, not immerse it in water. The patterned paper, (or use could use a paper doilies) just sits on the top, and can be changed. I added some ribbon and a long pearl headed pin to hold it on. I figure, even if I only use it for a bit.. it's just junk that wasnt being used anyway, right? So , for today, I'll enjoy it! lol

The Fed Ex guy came today and brought me some goodies. I love it when that happens. Not knowing exactly when it will come, is what makes it extra fun. It's my box of goodies from
Scrapbook Trends for published work. It's amazing how , much getting something kind of fun in the mail can brighten your day!
Have super weekend!


janel said...

Love sunflowers too...and love how you stitched the photo together. Paint is so fun too! You are my creative inspiration!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

I love the pink urn! You go, girl. It's a fun spring thing....and it was free. :)
How great would that look with a cloche on top??

Nat said...

heheheh- I know exactly what in the mail would make me happy!!! A huge box with Vicki and Cat in it ;-)

Sugar Bear said...

I love your idea for the urn! What a great and fun piece.

Pattyjo said...

You are so creative and talented! Everything you touch turns to gold!
Your #1 fan