Thursday, March 29, 2007

Little treats for me?

It was a busy day , but full of little "happy" suprises! First of all "Thanks" Lisa of "Mona Lisa Moments" for your kind words on your blog about my cake card box... also Dale Anne of "MyCreative Ramblings"
I'm really excited at all of the new friendly and oh so talented girls I've met through blogging! To all you new girls that have been commenting... HELLO! I've been loving checking out your blogs also.

Lisa Strahl and I both do design work for Crafty Secrets. I had met her on one of my trips to Canada, and then spent more time with her at CHA in Anaheim. She is a very talented girl!

I was happy also to get a project picked up by Paper Crafts Mag today! Yay! I hadn't been published by them before. I was excited when they requested a project a while back... but totally bummed when it was a project that was already being published, and was spoken for.
So , I'm happy now! lol

On top of those fun things... I got these fun Easter things , from my friend Deb today!!! (I'd love to link you to her blog...but still trying to talk her into the "blog thing". lol
Are these SO CUTE or what? Look at the little birdie/chick feet that are stitched on that egg! OH... love them!

AND..... yes there is more. lol I stopped by my sweet ma mas house , and look what she cut for me.... Hyacinths!!! OH... it's just not spring to me , without these. I have such fond memories of these. They have always grown out in front of my parents house, by the front porch. When my dad was still alive, and my boys where little, my dad would always pick me some and drive them over to me , accross town , because he knew how much a loved them. It's hard for me to believe Dad has been gone for over 20 years now...because that memory is as fresh as if it was yesterday.

My entire house smells wonderful from these!

When I stopped at the $ Store today, I found these fun bins for $3 each. I just had to share. They are about 6x6x8. All three fit perfectly on the shelf on my desk. Yippee!

Here is the other little treasure I found today. I had the back of my vehicle full of things I needed to drop off at the goodwill.... so of course I had to run in quick and see if there was anything in there , I just NEEDED to have to alter. lol BINGO!.... I found this .. for $1.99

I'm so excited to Alter it... but I have other things I HAVE to finish this week first!
So,.. they are all just little things... but they make for a really really nice day! It felt like the sun was shining , even though it was raining!


janel said... hit the jackpot today! Great finds. I LOVE hyacinth. One of my special memories was when my dad brought my sister and me hyacinth at this time of year, and the wonderful smell of them...they remind me so much of my dad too. Makes me smile and just feel good! Happy spring to you!!

Casa Mia * My House * said...

Looks like you had a beautiful day, full of great finds. I love Hyacinths, I think I will go buy some after work today. And your bins are gorgeous....I wish my $ store carried those, they would look perfect in any room....You will have to show us your 1.99 find when you finish decorating it....Congratulations on your great blog! said...

Oh yes, the smell of hyacinth just means spring. Then, of course, the lilacs are coming next. Spring flowers are so fragrant.

Your freinds eggs are wonderful. Tell her how much fun a blog is! I'd look at her site, from the look of the eggs, I'd want to see more.

Sugar Bear said...

I can almost smell the hyacinth! Deb should definitely start a blog. I just started mine and am having so much fun meeting new people!

Nicole Seitler said...

I just found your blog today through Lisa's. I'm going to be adding you to my list of inspiration! :)

I can't believe you found that bookshelf for $2!!! I want one for my daughter. Some day, some day! I hope I can find one that's as big a steal as yours... Wow!