Friday, March 02, 2007

Snowing and Blowing ...still

When it comes to snow and wind around here, it just doesn't seem to want to end. Geesh... this is getting ridiculous. It stops snowing ,but then the wind picks up and it blows so hard... it might as well be snowing,because you can see a thing.
Wes said it was bad there also , so he had rented some movies and was staying in. His work was closed so he didnt have to go in. Even Valmont, where Jarad works, was closed last night. (if that tells you how bad the weather was). Dan went in again today.. but later than usual. He said the roads were terrible.
I stayed in again.(Turning into a real hermit, aren't I?) lol
I got some things done around the house and worked on these projects.
This one was done with all Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Papers and Clear ART Stamps.
I love it when people share , new finds, or things they really like , with me , so I'm sharing my new find. For those of you who "Create"... you have to try the (STARDUST CLEAR) SAKURA gelly roll glitter pen!
Sandy sent me one.. and I LOVE IT! I have lots of different pens and markers they make but this is incredible. It's iridescent, and looks so cool. I wish you could see it better here. In real life it really looks cool. I used it over the stamps , on the cherubs wings and ribbon and around the edges of the photo. I then used Diamond glaze on the wings and ribbon.

I would love to tell you who this darling little girl is ... but I don't know. One of my moms friends had a bunch of really cool old photos, that she was getting rid of , because she had no idea who they were. How sad it that? If that doesn't get you to start documenting names and dates on your photos , I don't know what will. Although it's against anything I would normally do , to use an actual photo... I'm hoping whoever this is, would rather be here, surrounded by pretties, than in a musty old box not being appreciated.

The project below is another one of the things
I've been altering to sell. It's really been fun to just alter some of these things that I have had good intentions of doing something with for so long. I would rather alter that do layouts or cards any day... I love the creative freedom!
Speeking of all things artsy and creative.... I am so proud of my nephew Bryce. He is an amazing photographer, attending ASU, and has a really cool thing coming up.... Check it out here

I Really like using a lot of different kinds of products...but vintage, has always been my "home". It's like it's my comfort zone... it just comes easy. No fuss or frustration!

OK... now ... here's what I've been looking at for the last 48hours. Now see why I'm staying in my room!

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Helle Greer said...

I adore what you did with that little girl. I so agree with you, I an do different stuff, but vintage is my favorite, or those projects are the ones I like the best when they are done.