Sunday, April 29, 2007

aahhhh perfect weather

What a beautiful day! Absolutely gorgeous! I was outside all day,working in the yard, trimming planting , washing windows, and even gave both pups a bath. (that's an ordeal! Molly does not like baths)... but her reward was playing frissbe.. and THAT made her happy!

Dan finished painting the bathroom this afternoon , and I really like the color. I'll share a pic once everything is back up. Feels good to get some of those projects done.

And did I mention... I LOVE having the windows open!!!


Deb S. said...

oh vic, we are birds of a feather.... the daisy's are so pretty. i can get some much accomplished when the weather is nice too. love it!!

janel said...

Enjoy!! I love this warm weather too.....have a great day!

HB said...

The flowers are GORGEOUS! But the page of your son is FAB! I love when I see such feelings come through written words!