Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Peaches and Cream???

I just had to laugh yesterday , when I got an email from my cousin Becky, who is so sweet to read this silly blog faithfully. She commented about my crafting, cooking ect... And I started thinking about how sometimes blogs can look so "Peaches and Cream" . If you know what I mean.
I always feel like there is enough "icky" stuff out there in the world , on the news, ect... to bring you down, so I don't usually go there. I like to keep it light, for the most part and share fun stuff,... the stuff that makes me happy... my family and friends, art, nature, photography,recipes, my silly pups,.. that sort of stuff. Just because I usually only post "pretty" pictures, doesn't mean , I don't have a pile of laundry or that my dogs don't have dog toys strung from on end of the house to the other. lol We all deal with everyday life, car problems, bills, kid stuff, ect I just think most bloggers feel the same as I do, they want to share their "fun stuff", their "Creativity"... not their dirty dishes, and "who didn't take out the trash this morning?" stories. lol Sometimes there are nights like tonight that when they say "What's for dinner"? , I say, "grab a bowl of cereal"! lol

And the reason I would say that? Well, because I'm meeting the girlies at "Thornhills" for dinner! lol Becky, Sherri , Deb , Jan, Ruth and I are meeting for dinner and chat tonight, and I'm SO looking forward to it.
I LOVE May day, and it seems it's fading away. You just don't hear that much about it anymore.
I just think it's such a fun tradition. I made these for the girls for May Day. (a bit early) but since I probably wont see them on May Day, they'll get them now.
They are made with an AccuCut die CN200J Cone-Jumbo
Sorry that top photo , isn't to clear, but if you click on either of the next two, you can see them larger and much clearer.

They were easy and fun to make!

This is a little something I made for my mom for Mothers Day. My mom still loves to write letter and a Correspond to faraway family and friends of here's, who don't email. ( my 85 year old mama, is a hip chick...she emails also) lol So anyway, I made her this.

On the inside is a set of stamped cards and envelopes , a pretty pen, a roll of stamps ( and room for her to keep her address labels.

She doesn't really need anymore nick knack things, but this it something I think she may really use. I can refill the note cards and envelopes as she needs them.

The little wooden purse is from Judy's Stone House Designs.
Well, time to hit the shower and head out. Looking forward to seeing the girls.
Don't forget to put your name in for the Page Frame giveaway on Friday, if you havent yet!
Have a happy night! (forget the laundry.. it'll wait!) lol


DeniseLynn said...

Oh how awesome is that gift for you mom! I too write letters and walk them to the mail box more often than I phone or e-mail my friends (yes, even the ones that live nearby get letters from me!). It's so fun! Your mom is just going to love what you made for her.

FrenchGardenHouse said...
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FrenchGardenHouse said...

yikes, girl, thought I lost you for a minute. There is no direct link to your blog on your profile page.

Luckily you come up in plenty of Googly places:)

I agree about the Peaches and Cream. In blogland we can all live out the pretty. But I have to say I have seen solid support for people needing it, too!

I love Mayday! (your cones, now, those are fabulous!!) I have been known to hang May baskets on doorknobs with flowers, or papercones with candies or a tiny gift now and then. This is what is BEST about the blogging world, though my friends love the idea, few if any would actually DO that! But here, kindred spirits! perfect.

Is there a limit to how long a comment should be? Love the gift for your Mom. I can't wait to get my birdstamps. Yay! sorry bout the delete, totally misspelled something and thought I could edit.

Nat said...

oH MY - ALL THOSE projects are sooo cute - love em!

HB said...

ooo' your mom is gonna HUG you good! Nothing better than gifts from the heart! Maybe that's why I like to mail cards/letters more than talk on the phone... they include a piece of my heart!! :0) said...

Wish I was going out with you and the girls and getting a mayday cone!
But I can't be greedy- I just received the gift package from your drawing, thanks so much!

janel said...

May of those Midwestern memories that I LOVE! Thanks for helping keep life focused on the good makes my heart happy! said...

Come and see what I made with some of the goodies you sent to me!

Jami said...

Oh my, you did it again. These are gorgeous. LOVE them and your mom is going to LOVE her goodies.

Nicole Seitler said...

Ha ha. Let's all post about our dirty dishes one day, just for the fun of it. The "everything and the kitchen sink" blog-along. ;)

I love peaches and cream stuff. I agree--there's already enough that's depressing out there. I come around for the pretty inspiration you give me... :)