Thursday, April 26, 2007

Busy day!

Oh, I have lots I want post today.. and none of it really goes together.. so bare with me, okay? lol

First of all remember that I'm drawing for the Page Frame Giveaway tomorrow, so if you want to put your name in , you still have time!! I'll post the winner tomorrow.

First I wanted to thank Dale Anne (My Creative Ramblings) for tagging me today. I guess I'm suppose to tell you 7 unknown facts about me? hmmmm...
here goes... ( unknown by some, not all , I'm sure)lol

1) LOVE diet Mt Dew
2) animal lover
3) major dislike of snakes! (scary!)
4) My favorite band in high school was ... KISS (I'm serious) I also like Ted Nugent alot. Actually I still do at times, but I like all different kinds of music, Rock, country, about anything... but I like it LOUD,when I'm in the car by myself. My motto.... "If it's too loud, your too old" lol (that is a quote from Ted himself!)
5) I stay up late (too late)
6)I love clean sheets on my bed.. to the point It ridiculous! lol
7) I worked for 10 years as a para educator in Early Childhood Special Ed.
I tried to tell you... I'm just not that exciting! lol

I have tagged so many people lately, this time , I'm just going to list some blogs, that I think are very inspiring.
A bit East
Velvet Strawberries
Pretty Petals Boutique

I was so excited today to get to see what Karla (Karlas Cottage) made with the RAK she won here! Very Cool!

I know I've talked about these(Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist) on my blog before, but today my friend Sandy from Crafty Secrets, sent me a few more colors of Glimmer Mist, to try and , talk about Gorgeous!
I used the new Crafty Secrets Clear Art Stamps and just stamped the images in black on the different tags after trying each other, and they were just so pretty. I took them outside to take photos , hoping you would be able to see how they SHIMMER.. but photos just don't do them justice. Maybe if you click on the photos so they are larger you can see it better. I am so sold on these!

I tried a couple of things... like on this one, I laid a large silk flower down and used it like a stencil, and sprayed over it. The fun thing is , the flowers turned out gorgeous also. lol

Every color I tried was just beautiful , even on these simple manilla tags.

Okay... I wanted to share a couple photos of last night with the girls! What a fun time! I love getting together with these girls! We laughed so hard, I supprised we didnt get kicked out. lol

Ruth Rector , Me, Becky Novacek, Jan Jenkins(my sissy), Deb Steenblock and Sherri Strong.

Super fun time with fantastic food!

Ok.... now that I've jumped all over the place with this post...... are you totally overwhelmed?
One more thing .... Friday at 6 is my chat at 2 JILLS, so come on over if you can... those girls are a blast!


Catherine said...

oh, that Glimmer stuff looks amazing! Where did you find it?? love it.

Dale Anne said...

I LOVE your tags!!!

janel said...

Looks like you girls had a great time...great post this morning!