Tuesday, April 03, 2007


As I wrestle with my "scrapping identity crisis", I just try to think to myself... don't worry about it..."diversity"is good. lol Although Vintage style has my heart...there are lots of times I do love color ...and I like a bit of funk! lol

This is one of my new layouts done with Fancy Pants Designs , "Key Lime" Collection. These stamps and Chipboard Alphabet.
Who's "tiny tooties" you ask? Sweet little Kirstyn! When they were here for Mom's birthday, Carrie has painted her Tiny toes...and they were just SO darn cute!

After talking with my Canadian friends... I was thrilled to be living in Nebraska yesterday! Usually they are telling me they have their doors and windows open and I am in the middle of a blizzard....but yesterday, I had this beautiful day... and they had SNOW!!! nanny nanny boo boo!

I better not get too SASSY... we'll probably get dumped on next week! lol

It was so pretty and springy yesterday... the trees are budding and my lilies are popping up all over out in the trees. An old farmstead was on this land for years and year, and they must have started lilies along the tree line.. well now , they grow all over in the trees that surround the acreage. They really are so beautiful when they are all blooming. Hopefully, I'll have photos to share in a couple weeks.

The squirrels are munching away on the new buds on the trees. Good thing there's plenty to go around! lol
I have to tell you ... am so excited about the phone call I got at about midnight last night! Your wondering , what could be good about a phone call at midnight? Well, I had talked to Wes earlier and told him to give me a call after the "Battle of the Bands" last night. He said, "oh mom, I won't call that late".(although he knows I 'm usually up..because I'm kind of a night owl) He said... "how about ... I'll only call , if by some chance ..we win". Well... THEY WON 1st place in the Battle of the Bands! So proud of them! I think 7 bands participated. They won $400 cash, $100 gift certificate, and some piece of recording equipment(they really wanted). So they were Happy! Wes has been in lots of bands through the years...starting in middle school. He lives for it...it's his passion. I'm really happy for him.
Thanks for letting me do the "proud ma ma thing" lol
Don't forget to put your name in for the give a way. I'm drawing on Friday April 13th. HERE it is!
Now.... go out and conquer the day!


janel said...

Yea for Wes...Yea for Spring...and Yea for little "tootsies"! Oh so darn cute.....makes me smile! Hope the sun is shining and the birds are singing...and Spring has arrived. Your photos are beautiful...I can tell that Spring has really arrived Have a great day!!!

Catherine said...

love your spring pictures...nothing popping out of the ground here! Congrats to your son!

Helle Greer said...

Great job on those shots!!! love them .
So happy for your son, you must be a proud MAMA.