Sunday, April 08, 2007

Family Easter

Well this post is all about family. No time for Scrapbooking today...that's for sure. But I did get lots of fun shots for future use! lol Always thinking ahead!

Even though it's pretty chilly here, the sun was still shining, and we had a wonderful day together! As always we miss the family that couldn't be with us...but here are some pic's of the day, to make them feel like they were.

Okay, I know I'm prejudice, but I think I have the cutest darn nieces and nephews ever! lol

This one has his Aunt Vic in the palm of his hand.
Griffin (brother Dans Grandson) loves his green blanky!

We all met for around noon and planned to be sitting for dinner at 1pm. Brent said the blessing and we were on our way to stuffing ourselves with all the good food everyone brought. LOTS of yummy stuff to eat... as always!

Nathaniel (sister Donna's Grandson) is going to be quite the guitar player. He is already doing so well. He is just a fantastic kid, so thoughtful and kind. Such a gentleman.. he came right over and volunteered to help his aunt Vic take things out to the car without even being asked.

Oh Kirstyn! WHAT A LITTLE DOLL! All smiles, always happy! It was so fun to see her at this age, really getting into digging through her Easter Basket, and so excited about the festivities of the day!

I am posting this picture for Diana's sister. Today we finally got to meet Jonathon , in person. Jonathon is Diana's nephew from Mazatlan who is staying at Brent and Diana's while he is taking classes and UNL. He is SUCH a nice young man. Just wanted Diana's family to know, we are looking after him... he got filled up on good food and took and relaxing little nap!!!! lol Thankyou for sharing him with us. We really enjoyed having him with us today.

After lunch , Dunn family tradition is the "The Hunt". We did have it outside ,but since it was pretty chilly, the kiddos really had to bundle up. As you can see, it didn't seem to bother them much!

Here's Grif

I wish a could post pictures of everyone.. all the kids seem to grow so fast. Here is Bryan. (brother Gary's grandson)

Then there was the Grandma bunny and the little grand baby bunnies!
lol. Oh ... is my mom a good sport , or what?

Kirstyn, Aiden and Nathaniel bunnies!

Jayvier on the hunt!

Griffin, told me he liked the pickle he was eatting ,but the look on his face is making me question that. lol

The sun was in their faces ,so it looks like they're scowling , but here is the guys outside watching "the hunt" Dan (dh), Ray(brother), Jarad(ds) and Weston.(ds)

Lynsay(brother Gary's grand daughter) is certainly growing up. What a beautiful girl she is , inside and out.

Kirstyn is not walking now...she is RUNNING!

As always, it was so great to spend the day with family! Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter!


Deb S. said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! The kiddos are all soo cute, you are right! Nathaniel,has got to be the cutest & sweetest kid...
Thanks for sharing all the great pictures.Gotta love those bunny ears on your Mom! Too cute...

Dawn Mercedes said...

great pix! Thanks for sharing them!

Pattyjo said...

That sounds like such fun! I think the little guitar player is such a handsome boy! I think you mom is so awesome, playing with the kids and putting on the ears