Friday, April 20, 2007

from begining to end

I titled this post, "'From beginning to end" for a reason. Do you ever have one of those days that nothing will just come easy? Well, I had one of them today. It started when I went to let the dogs out first thing this morning ... and had to see a unpleasant encounter. I will spare you the details and just tell you , it had to do with Molly( our dog), and baby bunnies. (yes... I'm traumatized and will probably need counseling) nuff said about that. I wanted to get things done so I could head into Omaha to pick up supplies for a big project I'm working on.
Trying not to dwell on the unpleasantries of the the morning , I started hitting the craft stores. From one store to another,looking and looking. I can't find just what I need... FINALLY... at last I find the PERFECT thing! They have 5 , and I need 6! I get them to call the other store and see if they have any...because at this point I'm willing to drive clear across town to get it. (price $1.49) NOPE... DISCONTINUED! grrr... back to square one.
Getting the idea about how the day is going to go? lol
Picked up my photos at Sam's club and they're blurry and grainy.
It's so nice out, ..I think , I'll roll down my window... NOPE.. wont go down. WHAT?
The fun part about going into Omaha and picking up supplies for projects.. is I always find one or two really good deals or something fun for me... NOTHING today.
Fun places to have lunch in Omaha... NOPE... still feeling a bit icky about the incident first thing this morning. (I'll pass)
Anyway, I finally get all my running done .... whew!...tired and ready to go home. (this is 8pm now). I should stop for groceries when I go through Fremont ... so I don't have to go back in tomorrow. It's only 17miles ,but if I could convince myself to just do it tonight , I wouldn't have to go in tomorrow for anything. But I'm SO TIRED!.... The deciding factor came , when I realized I was out of Diet Mt Dew at home. Yep... gotta go!
I get off the by pass and head for Fremont... Go to HyVee grab some things I need and hit the pop isle. Yay, good news , Coke products are on sale this week. I start scanning the shelves and I see only an empty space where my Diet Dew should be! WHAT???? How can this be happening? I see a stock boy and ask him to check. He comes back.."Sorry .. the truck will be here in morning."
Anyone who knows me, knows My Diet Dew is High priority! BUMMER!
After checking out and getting my groceries out to the car... I start heading for home.
As I'm driving , I'm running through my head, all the crappy things that happened to me today, but there was a great song on the radio, I could smell the fresh air (coming through my tiny wing window...cause that's all that will open) lol, but it felt so good. I thought to myself.. it's all little stuff... just little stuff! My kids are healthy, all the big stuff, is okay. I needed to change my perspective on the day! Ok, I'm thinking positive now........... EEEEEKKKK.... as I slam on the breaks about 1 minute from home when a dear runs in front of me. ( REALLY close call) , Groceries rolling all over, in the back. lol Oh brother!
No, really, with all that went on this week in the news, I really needed to give some thought to my bad attitude about the day. It really wasn't that bad at all... kinda funny actually ... now.
The icing on the cake was this... I got home and just needed to bring in all the groceries and put them away... surely I have enough energy left for that?
I was carrying all these bags of groceries in ( I always try to carry more than I should) and dropped two plasic bags. Stuff fell everywhere. I thought I got it all picked up...untill I came up here , sat down at my computer to blog..., I look down at Aly and....

Time for bed. Well, in keeping with my new "more positive" take on things. The day did end ,better than it started!
Have a super weekend! I'm going to be working on ...seeing my glass half full, not half empty! lol Think Positive! lol


~missprissme said...

That bad bad dog! ;p. Do you think he read your mind about this a.m. and decided to go vegetarian. No more meat for him. Nope fruits and veggies that's it. LOL I think they can read/sense our minds sometimes. It's as if he said ok mom no more bunnies just my fruits and veggies and he brought it in to show you.

Catherine said...

I burst out laughing at that picture!! LOL. You must have too! Sorry you had a sucky day, when I have days like that I always say "tomorrow is a NEW day!" Hope you New Day is better today! HUGS.

janel said...

I am so sorry you had such a yucky day....some days are diamonds, some are coal!!! I am hoping for a diamond day for you today!!
I know what you mean--some days--everything seems to fall apart!
I am SO happy that you and the deer didn't get to know each other personally......and happy you are safe! Thinking of you!!

HB said...

Wow, what a day! I suppose it could be said that having it all happen in one day got it out of your system! lol Hope today is a peaceful, creative day for you!!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

well, that should cover it for quite a while regarding yucky days for you! Some days are like that, but you are right, even our worst day can't compare to the day families and friends had this week in VA.

When our family and friends are all with us, every day our cup is full!

Michelle said...

he that picture. =) Hope today was better!!

Lana said...

I had no idea your Friday was so poooey- - hope today was better & if it makes you feel any better I got some giggles out of your story :):) Hugs V!!