Friday, April 06, 2007

Fun mail

First , I'll show you what I worked on today, and FINALLY finished. Geezzz.... I started altering this paper mache egg a long time ago and decided I better finish it before Easter was over. I used Crafty Secrets Heartwarming Vintage Pastel papers and one of my favorite little AccuCut flower Dies. Then embellished with gems , buttons, ect... You cant really see the base it's sitting on ,but it's a (I'm almost embarrassed to say) Empty ribbon spool, the the top taken off. I just covered it with paper and glued the egg to the rim of the spool. When I covered the bottom( round part of the spool) I cut it slightly larger , and used a scalloped scissors. To finish it off, I just tied a ribbon around the place where the egg and rim meet. (WHAT is my obsession with ribbon spools?) Good Grief!! lol

Here's the other thing I've been working on. I decided to do the card I did the other day, with the cherub on it for the store samples, for Crafty Secrets. It was an assembly line! Big time! lol
Ok, so now here's the fun part. First of all I missed a call today from Lana, thanking me , and telling me how much the little pkg I sent her , made her day. It was such a nice message... I was so glad that little pkg of goodies I sent her, brightened her day. She has helped me out , and been my "tech support" a number of times , figuring out all the ins and outs of the blog world, I wanted to send her a little something for her help. I appreciate it so much!
So ... right after I hear her email, I start thinking , I havent gone out to get them mail yet. (actually I didn't think we got mail on good Friday,..but I was wrong).. So I went to the mail box.. and GUESS WHAT????
"I" had a fun little goodie package , that was sent to ME! My ever so talented and sweet friend Cat, sent me this Amazing bunch of goodies and this incredible art she made.

How much do I love this? ALOT!!!!! THANKYOU CAT...FOR MAKING MY DAY!!!!

I love it ... about the time ,you think you are doing something nice for someone ... someone else does something nice for you!


janel said...

And so deserved! Happy happy days to you! Have a wonderful Easter. That egg is amazing! So beautiful!

Dawn Mercedes said...

That egg is drop stunning! What do you do with all these altered things that you create? If you don't have room, send that egg this way! haha.

Nat said...

ahhh - so sweet!!! Love this and Cat is so right - good things come to those who do good!!!

HUge hugs and happy Easter!

Catherine said...

So glad I could make your day for a change! You are always sending out little packages of happiness, I thought you deserved one too!! Happy DAY and Happy Easter. xox.

Helle Greer said...

EGGcelent egg!!! Simply LOVE it.
Happy Easter my friend.