Saturday, April 28, 2007

A sunny Saturday!

Oh, it was so nice to have a beautiful sunny day today... to be outside a bit. I messed around outside most of the afternoon, sweeping off the deck and washing it off, cleaned up the birdbath, and filled it.. that sort of thing. I really wasn't in the house much until this evening when I came up to my room and worked on this canvas with Crafty Secrets Papers and Alphabet stamps. I have to thank my friend Patti for the darling photo.

This little note came in the mail today and it was so sweet, I just have to share it with you. My friend Cat's son was selling his Easter chocolates , and was going to give the money to this animal shelter near where they live. Cat had written about it on her blog...and it just touched me. For two reasons, because I'm an animal lover and the other because it was just so selfless that this little guy would take on such a worthy cause. (and to sell his chocolate!!) ... I'm not even sure I could do that. lol I stuck $5 in a envi ,and sent it to Ian to put with his Chocolate money.
This note reminds me of my friend Debs pup , Cully.

I smile every time I look at this sweet note. Cat... you are raising a fine young man.

This is the other thing I did today. Hanging my sheets on the clothes line , is one of my favorite things. I LOVE how they smell, when I crawl into bed at night.
It's a good thing, we all have those, "little things" that make us happy,huh? lol
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!


Kara Ward said...

My daughter, Hayden, has the same big heart. After reading, American Girl Magazine...she saw this idea to collect dog toys and dog treats for the local animal shelter...with some help from friends and a Dad to copy all the fliers...She collect 109 new items for out shelter.


Pattyjo said...

I visited the web site today that you talk about on your blog. I decided to spend all my Bday money on an order. I love the stamps and papers.