Monday, April 16, 2007

Today it's all about Page Frames

Oh , the mailman brought me a FUN box today! Thanks Tara and Kim, from "Picture it Page Frames" If your not familiar with Page Frames you have to check them out. HERE
They are a fantastic way to display your projects ,but altering them just adds to the fun! They are acrylic frames that can be hooked together with ribbon to make wallhanging , or used on there own. They come in a number of different shapes and also in Freestanding.

One of the classes we taught on the weekend was done with 3 , 8x8's put together to make a wallhanging. Previous post here

Not only did they send the Frames , but tons of fun new products! It was a great way to start the week!
I decided today I would not only post the two new frames I just finished, but that I would post examples of some others, so you can see the different shapes and sizes and how diverse they are. you can so them up plain and simple like this one.. (8 1/2 x 11)

Or , get funky and really Alter, till your hearts content. On the one above the crayons are attached to the outside of the frame. And on the bottom one, of my nieces band... I've attached a little bit of everything! lol (6x6)
The one below is one of the round frames done using all Fancy Pants Products. This cute little guys is my nephew Nathaniel, on the motorcyle (pint size) he got for his birthday.

It's so fun to be able to attach fun things to the fronts of these. On this one ,the chipboard and Compass are attached to the outside of the frame ,and the key, hangs off the side.
This is done with another one of my cutie pie nephews ... when he was playing in the leaves. Oh, he was having a ball! Anyway..this one is also done with Fancy Pants Products. "The Dapper Line" The fring around the edge is cut with the AccuCut Fring Die.
If you want to see some of the Gorgeous ways the Page Frames DT and others have worked these frames , check out the gallery here.... You will be AMAZED!
Be sure to check back..because I'm going to be doing another give away next week, and I'll give you a clue what I'll be giving away..... hmmmm (gottcha thinking don't I?) lol
It's gorgeous out today, I have all the windows open, just taking it in...but I need to leave the computer and go OUTSIDE, so until tomorrow....


Deb S. said...

oh i recognize those little fingers in the crayon page frame!! how fun for you to get a big box of goodies! love the tilly's frame and cute nathaniel too.

janel said... know how much I love Page Frames...and honestly, those chubby little fingers are the cutest! What a doll! All are GREAT! Thinking of you!

Nat said...

Totally love those frames! I hope some day I can work with one too - LOL.

Catherine said...

Those little fingers are adorable!! Love your creations. said...

Vickie, I nominated you for the THINKING AWARD. I am not sure what it is, but you do deserve a prize of some kind!
Now you get to nominate 5 people too.

Scrapthatpaper said...

Vicki these are gorgeous!! I Love what you have done.. I love these frames and have yet to get them!! I think Ill be doing that very soon :D

alteredaimee said...

Those so darling!

Helle Greer said...

How COOL are these????
LOVE them.