Friday, April 27, 2007

And the winner is....

When Jarad came home from work this morning , I had him draw a name from me , and the winner is................
Today, I can post a photo of what I've been working on for AccuCut for the National Stationary Show. 6 (count em.. 6!)lol Topiaries. There are ALOT of little flowers on those babies... I tell you that much. AccuCut it so smart , they now have this new die... that is long, with multiples of the same flower on . That in combination with being able to cut multiple pieces of paper with each cut... REALLY speeds things up. With these new dies, making something like this for centerpieces for tables at a reception, ect.. would be SO "do-able". The flowers are just layered and attached with straight pins with pearl heads. I did sprinkle them with a fine iridescent glitter using a spray adhesive. Purple is the AccuCut logo color.
The dies I used were itty bitty flowers #3 Z1B070 and Flowers #18 F1449LC.
"They" are going to be putting glass marbles in the pots, that's why they are empty in the photo.

Went to lunch here in my small town ,with my friend Deb. Although we had a freeze that was hard on the trees, things are starting to recover.
We stopped at my favorite junk store, which I was sad to her from the owner... will be closing soon. I always find some fun goodies there, at a fantastic price. Here are today's finds.

Wes, just stopped at home, on his way to Omaha, so I'm going to go visit with my boy. His band is playing tonight there, so I know he wont be here long. I'll take what time I can get.
Tonight is the "2 Jills" chat at 6pm central... come on by , if you can!
Have a super weekend!


janel said...

Oh, these things remind me so much of my Grandma. LOVE that you bring such nostalgia to me. The topiaries are gorgeous...amazing...and SO many pieces. Beautiful beautiful work!

Catherine said...

Amazing Vic....simply amazing.

rebekah robinson said...

LOVE the topiaries!! They look great!!

I am a big junk store fan,too!! I try to hit mine at least once a week! :) Sorry to hear you will be losing yours! I consider going 'junkin' as therapy!! :)

Deb S. said...

thanks for the fun day vic! rebekah is right, it was/is good therapy!;)

Nat said...

Love the project!!! How was your chat?

Scrapthatpaper said...

Congrats Cheryl!!! WOO HOOO

vicki I cant help but to keep looking at your blog girl! You have so much yummy stuff.. Im curious about a few things I see.. if you can post directions or photos of how toos that would be great too!

You have the Triangle Flags made out of paper, Plus the Bird hanging you did is just too cute! and id like to try to do something like this myself! Just not sure where to begin! SO if you dont mind you can email me as well :D Id appreciate it!


Pattyjo said...

The flower topiaries are amazing! You are such a busy lady! Those are sure to bring wonderful comments as the centerpieces. You just amaze me!