Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fun Mail week!!

I am having the best mail week this week! I got this fun little anonymous package in the mail today with these sweet items in it. I have a pretty good idea who's behind it... JANEL! What a fun surprise. .. I love this...

and this! What fun to get something fun in the mail for no specific reason... it just made my day!
I thought I was finished with mail...then the doorbell rang , and it was Mr. UPS again today. Look at this fun box of COLOR! Woo Hoo , thanks to CLEARSNAP... and these gorgeous colors .. I'm totally inspired to create! The colors are amazing and the new nested Cat's Eye inks are not only so easy to use but fantastic for storage. Love em!

The other fun thing, I've been waiting for ,that finally arrived was my May "Scrapbook Trends".
And look who's on the cover... Yep that's Becky! (and her daughter Brook)
Congrats Becky on making the cover! It's always fun to see your friends work in print, but .. a cover..that's extra special! Way to go girl!

It's another gorgeous day, and I wish I could be outside , but too much to do right here in my room today, so I better get to it! Enjoy the day everyone!


janel said...

What a fun day! I have that ST on my table and am planning on taking it to MT so I will have some "good" stuff to read while we are on the road! Funny how I feel like I know Becky just because she is your friend...this blogging and scrapping world is pretty connected. Glad you had a good mail those clearsnap colors....can't wait to see what magic you work with them.

chelemom said...

Don't ya just love days like this? Every now and then I have those too and they are the BEST!

Tam said...

Wow what a fun mail day for you!

Pattyjo said...

I love the UPS truck! LOL
You should or will be on the cover of a magazine! You do such awesome work!