Sunday, May 27, 2007

Family day

Well, we're home and ready to put our feel up for a bit.. but I just wanted to post a few photos. I took a ton..but haven't had time to really go through them all. I'm sure you've heard me talk about coming from a large family. It's days like today, when we miss our sisters and their families that live to far away to be with us for all of these events... so I always like to post a few photos for them.
Here is mom with those of us kids ,that could be there today. My Brother Dan to the far left, Me, mom, my sister Jan and my brother Ray.

This is my cousin Becky... who puts this "shindig" together for everyone (left), and on the right my cousin Myrna.
I wasn't too hot, and it wasn't too cold, so we were pretty lucky. The park has a nice building for us to gather and eat, and then plenty to do outside also.

I don't think these little guys (or girls?) are related to us , but they were so darn cute...stick'n their little behinds up in the air. lol

This little mama was guarding her 8 precious eggs.

It's always amazing to see how the families grow. Lots of people there this year from all over. Young and old. This cute little guy below is (cousin) Patty's grandson.

It was nice to see mom get to chat with those she doesn't get to see often. I think she really had a good time! Here she is with Nadine.

I have so many photos to look through yet... I cant wait. I will be on scrapping mission! LuAnn, (Jim's daughter), is also a scrapbooker so she brought lots of photos with her, for us all to look at. I saw photos I had never seen before, from years ago. I could look at old photos for ever.. I loved every minute.
(Myrna, Stanley and ?( (I have to ask about which of the boys the one on the right is)

I had never seen this photo of my dad before...and I love it. He had just come from a ball game.
It was a super day all around! A HUGE thanks again to cousin Becky for pulling this all together! Thank you for helping keep us all connected! It was so good to see everyone!


Sharon in NE said...

Great photos! I'm so glad the weather held up and your picnic wasn't ruined by any crazed fans.

doverdi said...

It's so nice to have family that you can get together with. I love our family reunions although we don't have them often enough. I also love looking at old pictures, I guess it goes with scrapbooking & doing genealogy.
Glad you had the perfect weather for your day. Thanks for sharing.

Nat said...

Gorgeous family photos!! Love the old ones- your father in the ball game outfind - what a gorgeous one!!!

Linda SS said...

Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos. I really love your blog - it's a joy to visit.

Deb S. said...

oh vic, great photos! glad you all had a nice day for your reunion! i know what you mean about old photos i could look at them all day too!

HB said...

Big families are the BEST! Great pics Vicki!!

Michelle M White said...

How wonderful that you all get together! Thanks for sharing! You look so pretty!

Pattyjo said...

Get pictures! I would recognize your moms picture anywhere, from your postings on your blog. I feel like I know your family a little by now.

StaceyM said...

Super fun Vicki. I love reunions. So glad to see that you had a wonderful time.

rebekah robinson said...

Vicki!! These are awesome photos!! You are so lucky to have them! They show so much personality and history!