Saturday, May 12, 2007

Feels like summer

As much as I wanted to get done INSIDE today.. it was just way to nice OUTSIDE.. so that's where I was , a big part of the day. I swept off the deck and the porch and worked in my flowers. The flocks are just wild out in the trees..(I DID NOT go out there... I don't need poison ivy), but you wouldn't believe how much of it there is , it's just a blanket of lavender. And the butterflies are everywhere.

It's so funny, after I look at these looks like Molly is in a cage or kennel or something. Shes just standing behind this window frame I have out with my plants that has chicken wire in the side , instead of glass. Every time I would go to take a picture of the geraniums , either her or Aly would get right in the area behind the frame, and look right at me... like " do you want me in the picture?" Oh brother!

Here is a little snapshot of the other thing I did today... My favorite thing! Yep , I love hanging out laundry. I love the smell of fresh clothes, and actually I love doing it. If I'm lazy or it's not the perfect day, well in the dryer they go, but on a day like today, no way~!

I cant wait to see the family tomorrow. We are meeting for lunch and then going over to moms. Neely's coming and bringing the photos from the Tilly's tour, so I'm really looking forward to seeing those.
Happy Mothers Day to all you Mama's! Moms are special people.. nobody has a more important job than that. I could tell you all a million wonderful things about my mom, and how much I love her, but then I'd get all teary...which makes me stuffy , which give my a headache... so just trust me on this... My mom is the most AMAZING woman I've very known! ( oh..even that gave me a lump in my throat). I am WAY to sentimental! lol
I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow... YOU deserve it!


~missprissme said...

Really pretty and good for you getting out. I should have done the some. I love little purple flowers. Maybe I will use those for inspiration soon.

Nat said...

Happy Mother's Day, Vic!

Catherine said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too! Hope it's just as beautiful today as it was yesterday!

Michelle M White said...

Such a sweet photo of your dog! Happy Mother's day to you!!!

MJ said...

I got teary-eyed too reading your post!

btw, I really liked the framed picture that you posted last time too!

Happy Mother's Day!