Thursday, May 03, 2007

Get Well Bouquet

Yesterday, I found this "single" (as in only one) little rubber boot at my local junk store yesterday,and couldn't resist was just so cute. I put this together last night, using Crafty Secrets "Pastel Papers" and "Feel Better" stickers. I LOVE my AccuCut die cut flower set. Woo Hoo.. these flowers are so easy and fun to make! I just stuck a peice of floral foam inside the boot to stick the stems in.

AccuCut Posie Set
I have a million different ideas for this spinning around in my head now... so I'm going to look for some inexpensive ,brightly colored little kids boots , so I can use bright colors... oh, and another idea for one for a baby shower... my mind is reeling! lol See, this is what gets me in trouble.... Ideas ... Ideas... ... I NEED TIME! lol

I've been meaning to do this UHU adhesive review... and after using the UHU twist & glue, on this project, it's the perfect time. I had such good luck with it on this project. I used it to put down into the centers of the wrapped flowers to help hold them to the stem,and also to attach the flowers together . It dries clear which is important to me ,and also fairly quickly. It worked really well... and I LOVE the control you have with the tip. The fact that it twists open and closed just makes it that much easier to use. Fabulous design..easy to hold and use.
Those of you who know me, know I love to alter,and I love using glue sticks for my altered projects. At first I was a bit apprehensive about the pink tint( I have used the white)... although I read it would dry clear.(and it did),but once I got over that... it worked very well, for all the altered projects I used it on , and also on layouts. Thumbs up on both!!!
It's a bit cloudy and cooler today, but still not bad at all. My Aunt Donna and Uncle Al, are hear visiting from South Dakota. They are staying with my mom, so I'm hoping to get in to see them , one of these next couple of nights. Looking forward to that.
Also looking forward to spending some time with my friend Chris tomorrow. We are going to hit one of her favorite antique stores. Yippee... fun day! Can't wait!


Sugar Bear said...

How cute! I have little green boots on my desk with a house plant inside. They always bring a smile to my face! Thanks for the review on the glue - I'm always looking for a good, easy to use, clear drying one.

janel said...

Your projects are so darling. I love those is nice to know about the glue..I love the Scotch Tacky glue, but am always looking for something new...the twist one looks very interesting.
Sure wish I had kept my kids' darling green frog boots...they were so cute, and would be a perfect little flower centerpiece. Enjoy your family and creating! Always a treat for me.

MJ said...

What a cute idea to use those little rubber boots that I am about to sell that N has just outgrown! Her size 5s are purple & is currently wearing a size 7! I think that the boots need to be quite small so size 7 may be the biggest they should go with this idea?! Very cute!!

alteredaimee said...

Cute, cute, cute! Instead of more time, you just need a few elves. I'm not sure I would trust them with the AccuCut though. :)

Tam said...

Vicki what a cute idea! Your projects are so awesome! This is absolutely adorable!

Catherine said...

LOVE that little boot! So cute! said...

Oh, thanks for the nice comments!Wonder why you couldn't post them??? (I entered you in the drawing again for the email.)

And love the boot!!

Jessrose21 said...

Those boots are too darn cute! There's just something about little kids shoes that makes you smile.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Your projects are always so fun. Love the UHU, I always use the Pink.

I am combining comments for two posts.:) Thanks for adding your blogaddress to your profile so your "find-able"

Your son is so cute, Mom, he did finally get a hair cut and he looks great! (I try not to bite the tip of my tongue off when dealing with my 22 year old darling!)

Pattyjo said...

Those flowers are so beautiful! I will have to try the glue now that I have heard such good things about it.